ABOUT This video installation expresses how we belong to land and culture, based on our individual and collective history and the ever-changing image of society. The port is explored as a place of transition, and as a local point of arrival and departure. The performers enact the connection between peoplemore


 performed by Emma Benischauer, Bugs Boyd, Shenae Coppola, Mayra Dinelli, Elisabeth Eitelberger, Jonia Guimaraes, Jack Hagan, Eden McCombe ABOUT In urban space, people of all ages meet and pass each other in different ways. Here we are, surrounded by movement and stillness at the same time. We can rushmore


Text by bello benischauer & Performance by elisabeth m eitelberger .. From the start to the finish picturing my life…To grow and rise… And breathe in the air of passion… In my hand an abstract expression of communication… I have to recharge my phone… Only you, the flower and the tree…more


nakedness – as a symbol and linkage to birth and human identity/alikeness: an artistic outcry to leave the comfort zone of a materialistic society how would it feel to stand there instead of the artists? written on their bodies = world population number at the time of their births on 18.12.1974more


An old factory, resembling a spaceship in the galaxy, discovered by two different people, who face up to live in it or to reactivate it: A woman tries to move into the space, while a man, a previous workman of the factory comes back again and again to his oldmore


Systematische Zwangsverpflichtungen führen zu dynamischen Verhaltensstörungen The performance series in various public spaces in Austria (Vienna, Linz and Krems) discusses systematically and periodically repeated behaviour patterns that people show on a daily basis. Some influence our way of living – more or less – while others even cause dysfunctional behaviour.more


… addresses cultural patterns and behaviour systems in history and cross-culture symbolisation of certain items in context to the human being how certain items receive iconographical relevance tend to influence our visual perception why do we see things the way we recognise them considering particular cultural traditions   The singlemore


Synchronised Video Triptych: FRÖNEND | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer … our doubts… are like a gate… that we have to walk through… every single day… If we breath calmly and connect with space… emotionally, we can manage to keep our wariness at bay… dreams are men’s elixir of life…more


the human creature … tries to take first place … no matter what … without any compromise … we even accept tremendous efforts … to reach success, prosperity and prestige …  and if for any reason … a tiny piece is missing … we panic … Haunted – video acts question how we can actively position usmore


  What happens, when we can’t define and modify our immediate living environment? When we get dependent on the decision-making of others? When we leave our comfort zone to face paternalism, prejudice and/or degradation? This work, consisting of six separate video parts, plays with the viewer’s own imagination and individualmore


to provide hope for this world to find peace to prove to oneself that it’s never too late to raise your concern about global issues the belief that religions, races and peacemaking powers will finally unite, does exist a rogation to Jesus, a conversation with Allah, a connection to Krishnamore


Subsequently created to SYNCHRONISATION TRIAL and as a linkage to A PEACEFUL MIND (from the NO INTERMISSION series) and LAST WOOD (from the UNCONSCIOUSNESS series) the artists continue to address – in this video diptych – how our individually created footprints alter our environment, socially as well as environmentally. They show ironically and on a metaphorical level, howmore


The video performances made in this context are based on the following concept: Bello’s initial idea: a woman taking different books out of a box, quoting passages, and putting them back in the box. Looking for material, Bello went to the Fremantle Library. He explained there briefly his idea and our generalmore


… existence formed by discipline trying to protect ourselves through the adoption of different cultural behaviours/movements/teachings perhaps to get rid of the guilt we feel about living a good life perhaps to redirect our energy to prepare for disasters which can be anything we imagine ourselves based on individual paranoidmore


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action. Whatmore


art performances behind a transparent curtain An enclosed room with a view, a separate space  – and two human beings. No window but a transparent curtain connects or disconnects/separates them from the actual viewer. The two individuals simulate daily routines of the outside world. While they are excluded from the realmore


a video installation: under the German title Untauglich, which means ineligible for military service, the artist looks into transnationally existing forms of social and/or political constraints. He addresses certain aspects of how we act and fit/do not fit into the generally expected behaviour patterns of a human life that one findsmore


  … continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action.more


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action. Whatmore


The Existence Theatre, which transforms/sets specific aspects of the improvised performance style of the Commedia dell’ arte into a present day perspective, recalls in this particular act (like AIP has done before in previous performances) the usage of the bauta*. The originally separate face-covering object/mask in white has blended nowmore


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term and performance style, created by AIP that questions certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities. What do we really know: about the world, about others, about ourselves? This performance piece talks about how we miss out to live andmore


nach dem gleichnamigen Stück von bello benischauer in 2 Akten und 4 Szenen und in der Überarbeitung von elisabeth m eitelberger INHALT Das Stück bespricht heutige Stereotypen, wiederholt Gesagtes aus dem Alltag und spiegelt gegensätzliche und ungereimte Einstellungen wider. Der Pragmatisierte, der auch der Traumatisierte heißen könnte, stilisiert festgefahrene Lebensumstände,more


The Video Installations summarise works that were developed as components of extensive projects or as individual pieces. The presentation mode of video installations differs very much. We come across them for instance on screens in public space, in black boxes or otherwise built screen environments in art galleries/museums and/or canmore


LASTWOOD – 2011 HDvideo – 6:00 min, performance by bello benischauer supported by ATELIER ART IN PROCESS Everything I have is what I can give too: the red, most important piece/part of my life, the most precious thing, life as such, the family as ultimate entity or even more, a mysticmore


REDWOOD – 2011 HDvideo – 5:00 min, performance by bello benischauer supported by ATELIER ART IN PROCESS Everything I have is what I can give too: the red, most important piece/part of my life, the most precious thing, life as such, the family as ultimate entity or even more, amore


performed improvisation by elisabeth m eitelberger & bello benischauer component of UNCONSCIOUSNESS project series 2011 Groteske, überspitzte Alltagssituationen in einzelnen Szenen, die scheints alltägliche Begebenheiten besprechen. Es gibt keine durchgehende Handlung, aber durchaus Zusammenhänge und Verknüpfungen. Die Szenen wurden aus dem Stegreif improvisiert. Man traf sich zu einzelnen Szenen, diemore


UNCONSCIOUSNESS_EXPERIMENTS project series 2011 –  based on multiple performance components: surveying culturally different but also alike actions and reactions of societal behaviour patterns in front of the camera The project series 2011 is based on multiple components of improvised and live performances. How do we fit into a society, into amore


These two video&sound installations are based on a text in German by bello benischauer and a voice work by elisabeth m eitelberger, called Leid und Freud (Suffering and Joy) reflecting on Christian Tradition and meaning around Good Friday and Easter Sunday. How do we perceive joy in this world? Howmore


Ladies and Gentlemen: Congratulations to this new life! … You are not allowed to use this life completely by yourselves. Good luck with a predefined and controlled freedom! You cannot use it really; you are too much faint-hearted for that. Everything is set; everything packed into one entity, which makesmore


Born to be a still life is a project series in the bigger context of discovering different environments and their influence on the human being, and the aim to “paint” with video. The investigated object is the human being: our body, mimic, gestures; how it feels in the space andmore


6:00 min Video ReMix of the Commissioned Artwork SYMPTOMS 2010 by bello benischauer  Courtesy of LIA-Lab Inter Arts, Helmi Vent, University Mozarteum Salzburg  With this commissioned work the artist appears as the personified spirit of the situation. He uses and transforms filmed LIA material and paints and works with it.more


in collaboration with SlowForward (Austria) ART IN PROCESS produced a video/sound installation in Sydney, which was used as a backdrop projection for a live performance by SlowForward at the Art in the Park Festival,Vienna This is not the place to go for a swim (metaphorically spoken)! From our studio at Artspace we can seemore


Each participant of previous Seasons and other selected artists were invited to submit a work to be included in the production of the last Emotional Season, Internal Room. Individual pieces were then further developed and brought into each other’s context. Participants created her/his own performance following certain guidelines. It meantmore


Fool’s Gold (developed in Sydney) is part of a bigger context of discovering different Emotional Seasons in Society and diverse cities/urban places. We generally address issues about identity and belonging arising from globalisation and human existence in a cultural diverse society. What do we expect from our surroundings, from lifemore


An abstract play by AIP is the basis for the development of a video/sound installation through onsite explorations and filmed (documented) performances in public spaces and private environment in Vienna. Performances occurred in following locations: Karlsplatz, Heldenplatz, Stephansplatz, Graben, Volksgarten, Donaulände, Das Dorf, Schloss Schönbrunn, Narrenturm, Das Dorf. Not quite koshermore


video/sound material was collected through onsite explorations in New Dubai – March The Cloned City developed through onsite explorations in New Dubai, one of the fastest growing City environments worldwide; confronted by utopian looking buildings and suburbs that seem to develop the Western Lifestyle to the extreme; controlling nature, manmore


in collaboration with PATRICK TAGOE TURKSON (Ghana), MICHAEL VANDELEUR (Australia), SORA TAKAYAMA (Japan) and SINA MOSER (Austria): performances took place in Australia, Austria, Ghana and India – September to December 2009 – final work was developed in Fremantle,Western Australia HDvideo 06’24 min                  more


video/sound installation, in relation to Intervention PART 3 during The Kumasi Symposium, Ghana, 2009 In Kumasi, I wanted to visit a private house and made contact with a man, who invited me in. His young child was sitting on the floor, eating his lunch out of a bowl. It did not recognisemore


… explored human beings and their immediate surroundings to discover what actions can destroy others, or interfere with their environment. This part evolved from the discussion about creating appropriate environments for people – both in general and in particular places. It investigated how local resources could be engaged most efficiently, how artmore


video/sound installation, revisits collected material from the past, especially photographs taken during travel, a comparative work to INSIDE It is the attempt to philosophise about major problems, to bring something forgotten and unreal into the reality of a present attention… CONCEPTONE talks about an absolute system that controls our world tomore


SUEX is an installation consisting of four videos in relation to four different sound compositions. Basis is an aphorism by AIP in 16 sequences. The text is translated into Hebrew, Japanese and Noongar (language of Indigenous Australians, southwest corner of Western Australia).The text was recorded in each language, building themore


This is an artistic identification with human existence and how we sometimes feel dislocated. The installation plays with the body’s limitations of movement and sets the human body in confrontation to artificial life form that extends human abilities to move. EXILe questions how we try to recreate, recharge and how we dealmore


This installation is about running away, about being forced to be a functioning person, about how to be treated as an outsider, about social outcast, about struggling with individuality and fitting into a social system that one doesn’t really feel comfortable with. The installation shows an old water tower in Albany/Westernmore


video/sound installation, developed as a demonstration work for ISEA2008 Singapore, The International Symposium on Electronic Art … primarily refers to the biological inability of a man or a woman to contribute to conception. The role-play between man and woman: the ritual of approaching as a natural process is questioned andmore


video/sound installation, artistic reaction to Australia Says Sorry on Feb 13, 2008, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised for the hurt, caused by decades of state-sponsored treatment of indiginous Australians Endless TRANSFORMATIONS of the PLANET’S HUMAN FACE… What do we look like, where did individuality go – about the mass phenomenon,more


This work shows the human being as an alienated and remote-controlled figure that strolls through shopping malls and finds itself exposed to nature and a world based on urban areas, traffic and mass media. The human being starts to float, losing individualism and independence. The body of the main animated figuremore


video/sound installation, developed for the TECHNOART group exhibition at Lapart Wallspace, Brisbane 2007 Seafactory reacts to the bad influences of City life, Technology and especially the Media and Internet, … Our mind – like walking through depression; it shows something on the surface: if you just take a quick look,more




video/sound installation, developed during a trip to Austria and in relation to the project Identical City, part of Culture Shock- detach The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture. Detached from your country of origin; a stranger to your family, as they don’tmore


2005 SDvideo 03’00 min video/sound installation, developed in Linz/Upper Austria … created in connection to the unknown Renaissance painting called „The Perfect City“ around Piero della Francesca (approx.1475), which addresses the Central Perspective of city buildings without showing any inhabitants. 21st century: What does identity in times of a global unionmore


… deals with questions about nature and human beings, showing how the fragments and remains of pre-existing life forms become the starting point of new creation. Where do we come from? How far are we prepared to go? The urge to take control of nature, genetic engineering and searching formore


A story about the discoveries of an alien being (called Blind Queen) sent to earth to investigate human life. A philosophical view on things around us in Western Society in English and German. Aphoristic talk about world and inner experiences based on a text by AIP: from birth to growing up,more


video installation: a female artist-identification with different face changes through Plastic Surgery in relation to the myths of beauty terms by eLISABETH m eITELBERGER   …was taking part in the International Exhibition WOMEN’S CITYat the NPAK (The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art) Yerevan, ARMENIA from 10 to 25 Junemore


His work in digital video and performance was a key to the symposium’s international scope, and proved exemplary as to how a multiplicity of approaches to the new art of performance cinema provides a deeper understanding of many aspects of performance cinema – form, content, political, global, etc. Henry Warwick,more


The project included multidisciplinary parts, from video installations to paintings and drawings, mixed media installations to jewellery. Self-written texts were presented as installation work as well as through live performances during the exhibition. The project was developed in Western Australia in 2000-2001. Exhibitions of the project took place in Austria (Wels andmore


Aliendiary: eine Botschaft aus dem Universum, eine Botschaft aus uns selbst. Inhalt: Rauminstallation, bestehend aus Bilderwand und Flashanimation Bilderwände setzen sich beide Male aus 98 Kleinbildern zusammen Computeranimation: die insgesamt 196 Kleinbilder ergeben in der Animation eine belebte Grafik, ein lebendiges Gesamtbild der Einzelteile, das sich gewissermaßen verselbständigt. Der ewigen Frage nachmore


video/sound installation, material derived from travel, final work was developed in Linz/Upper Austria A photo-collage, created through images that have been collected throughout a ten years journey (1990 to 2000). These images are brought together in a video installation that seemingly brings all those images collected within one’s mind, tomore