video/sound installation, developed during a trip to Austria and in relation to the project Identical City, part of Culture Shock- detach

The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture. Detached from your country of origin; a stranger to your family, as they don’t know who has become of you (your inner being) through your travelling. But attached to other cultures you have been able to find a common sense of understanding in people. Social contraints seemed too strong for you after each return so that you just had to detach from the boundaries of the land you were brought up. You went and found a new place to live; a new culture where you found the freedom of being yourself in a universal sense.

I was born in Austria. I am living in Australia. Bit by bit I was born again while staying ten years in South- and Central America, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, South- and Eastafrica, Indonesia, New Zealand, India and Australia, where I stranded in Fremantle, a place of cultural crossovers and mixtures, a place where I found the peace to be my real me.

Out of the accumulation of different cultures evolves a picture of singularity that wants to end in plurality. This is globally creating a virtual consciousness of a world culture, which roots in the small.

Detach is based on cultural crossovers in urban spaces, city environments, and mass events, creating a dynamic picture of movements, showing the vibrant qualtities of mankind and the mixture of different cultures.


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