video installation: a female artist-identification with different face changes through Plastic Surgery in relation to the myths of beauty terms by eLISABETH m eITELBERGER


…was taking part in the International Exhibition WOMEN’S CITYat the NPAK
(The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art) Yerevan, ARMENIA
from 10 to 25 June 2004 curators Heriqnaz Galstyan, Arpine Tokmajyan, Narine Zolyan



“WOMEN’S CITY: The 21st century like the previous ones is carrying in itself the mutual relations and conflicts between women and men. From the very beginning the fact of conflict has existed. Since early humankind history the myths about women have been created, in which the woman’s image corresponded to the man’s social-economical and historical position.
The myths are based on stereotypes, represent women as a mercantile and obeying object: “Eve complex” – the first and the guilty, “Maria Magdalenda complex” – from prostitute to saint, witch or doctor, etc.
The Radical Feministic myth was created against that wrong illusion, which was the mirror reflection of the distorted conceptions. Besides myths there are also real myths: female features in men and male features in women, Mathematics of women’s love, daily life for women as a field of creating activity, etc.
The aim of the exhibition is to present women in different colours from different points of view overcoming the stereotypes.” The Curators, NPAK



The myth of beauty is a very old one and has been there as long as men exist. Women didn’t get much recognition other than for their beauty. They always had to glance at some point. Different beauty terms around the globe have existed throughout the centuries. This video talks about nowadays Western Society and the new development women face today against aging and present beauty terms. Today women fight for equal rights and against sexual discrimination as well as we recognise a strong movement into the separate direction, where things become even caricatural through plastic surgery. On the one hand we have the feministic point of view, which stands for naturalness and against sexist terms. On the other hand we have the opposite that tries to fit into sexist worlds of superficial body-looks and nearly absurd becoming beauty trends…


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