Gong, crystal & Himalayan bowls, vocals, modular: Lesley Kaye | modular synth: Stewart Shepherd | vocal & trumpet: Izzy French | synthesizer: bello benischauer | performers: Cheryl Ring, Thyme Hartee, Dee Verran, Makan Edrisi | Photos by Adrian Thomson

Gong, crystal&Himalayan bowls, vocals, modular: Lesley Kaye | modular synth: Stewart Shepherd | vocal&trumpet: Izzy French | synthesizer: bello benischauerEXISTHEMUENS at the NoizeMaschin!! #133 – vocal&trumpet: Izzy Frensh | synthesizer: bello benischauervocal&trumpet: Izzy Frensh | vocal: Janita Westphal | synthesizer: bello benischauer

SEQUENCES: beyond our intellectual understanding – poems from old projects get recycled and transformed to create meaning in new context. The poems serve as loud explorations of text through singing and spoken voice, screams, soft whispers and other vocal sounds that add to the interpretation of what needs to be communicated by the performers. The aim is to create an experience that can be heard and felt from a place of core understanding, the soul.

DIFFERENT WORLD NEW MUSIC: In this endeavour there is no space for fear, suppression, obedience, discrimination, racism, violence and greed. The sound driven experiments in this context – initiated by interdisciplinary artist and director of ART IN PROCESS | EXISTENCE THEATRE Bello Benischauer – create a unique listening experience to imagine this world as a place that encourages liberating thoughts. The artist invites guest musicians to build a bridge between Australian and European Free Jazz and Experimental/ Avantgarde music.

CONCERT: as part of the inaugural STRANGE FESTIVAL Perth at Moana Hall: vocal & percussion: Bohdan Prachař | vocal: Vanessa Vance & Jamie Mac | electronic: Trebt Oddin | synthesizer: bello benischauer | guest band Junk

Recent recordings on Soundcloud – more under EXISTHEMUENS (Existence Theatre Music Ensemble)  – sound/dance/visuals #01PROGRESSION

Outcome Unknown #65. Bello Benischauer – sound composition on syntheziser, Liv Richardson – expressive movement

saxophone: Josten Myburgh | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor synthesizer: bello benischauer | drums: Ben Greene
CONCERT: Saturday 21.August at The Rechabite Goodwill Club, 8pm Facebook, This time’s line-up: Jeremy Segal DJ | EXISTEMUENS Duo, Bello Benischauer (synthesizer), Dan O’Connor (trumpet), orphans Dan O’Connor (trumpet), Dom Barrett (guitar), Ben Greene (drums)

CONCERT: Saturday 24.July The Bird, 4:50pm, synthesizer: bello benischauer | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor| instrumental: Jonathan Mustard |percussion: Bohdan Prachař

CONCERT: The Sewing Room Friday, 04.June 2021, 7:30pm, synthesizer: bello benischauer | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor| instrumental: Jonathan Mustard


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