The project included multidisciplinary parts, from video installations to paintings and drawings, mixed media installations to jewellery. Self-written texts were presented as installation work as well as through live performances during the exhibition. The project was developed in Western Australia in 2000-2001. Exhibitions of the project took place in Austria (Wels and Langenlois) and in Fremantle, Western Australia.

DVD distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

(ART IN PROCESS first DVD edition)

Nature Spots | Just a Spirit | DSP | Ghostfaces | DEV | DRP | Birdcage | Colored Shadows


We began with basic questions about life, nature and the soul of human beings. As we took a closer look at those things, themes became very complex and expanded into different streams. Many ideas took shape.

Examinations of dreams and reality by focusing on the forms and colours of nature; human beings have attempted to control, reorganise, and mark nature with signs of their presence… In seven video installations the viewer is confronted by nature with questions like: Is it useful to conserve nature? What is left, when we take things of nature out of their space? What is it that connects people with nature and what have we ever tried to learn from her? What is art, what nature? The different parts serve as an example of how we address these questions about nature, human nature and reality at a starting point of the viewer’s own investigations.

There are things which can´t be explained just in words because, in fact, there are no words. Those things are simply what they are. To understand them you need a whole life and beyond death we experience the new. And again and again the new…

Exhibition Maybe It´s Only Imagine 19.Jul – 11.Aug, 2002  at the Gallery NÖFA/WELS/AUSTRIA

Exhibition Signs of Existence 31.Jan – 09.Feb, 2003  at the MOORES BUILDING Contemporary Art Gallery / Fremantle / Australia


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