Born to be a still life is a project series in the bigger context of discovering different environments and their influence on the human being, and the aim to “paint” with video. The investigated object is the human being: our body, mimic, gestures; how it feels in the space and what reactions it causes, internal and external. Therefore it also discusses the limits of control and release and the layers in- between.
Body motion and reaction, and the use of abstract words in crosstalk underline bold and simple performative and temporal actions that ask questions about the original needs of a human being within its surrounding environment/society. The process is experimental and is strongly driven by improvisation in a nearly empty room/space. We try to create a self-analytic environment for observing diverse reactions within single performances.
The process finally ends in documented actions that influence and manipulate each other. This concludes in an exposition about what is needed and what can be left out of a human life from our artistic point of view (in the urgent opposition to sacrificing something, as this contains a negative meaning).
Questions address our existence, reality and illusion in relation to the co-existence of mind, body and different cultural background.

components of BORN TO BE A STILL LIFE project series by ART IN PROCESS – based on live/video performances



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