A story about the discoveries of an alien being (called Blind Queen) sent to earth to investigate human life. A philosophical view on things around us in Western Society in English and German. Aphoristic talk about world and inner experiences based on a text by AIP: from birth to growing up, from reproduction to death. The video/sound installation shows a path through six stages of life. The Blind Queen experiences a struggle with individuality and mass phenomenon, sees her body changing and going through a human life. Six individual masks were used to cover the face of the Blind Queen to metaphorically sympolise and explore how life changes and disappears again; how we try to create a social mask that suits daily situations. Finally the Blind Queen finds her way out of human existence and experiences human life as a chance to grow, develop and change, while she learns to accept the unknown. The Blind Queen serves as a metaphor for people on the fringes of Western Society that try or do not try to fit into society.

SDvideo 48’45 min                                                                                                                   Project X – Six Transformations of Life

DVD or Blu-ray distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education


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