CONSTRUCTIONS OF THE WESTERN WORLD DEPOSITED BY CAPITALISM an experiental performance – written and produced by ART IN PROCESS | Existence Theatre Production 2021 Performance dates: TBA “Don’t forget where to hang your clothes because you will get them back! The least pleasant news… cannot be perceived… in the morning fogmore


a postmodern fairytale about destiny – written, directed, video and sound by bello benischauer performers: Elisabeth Eitelberger, Sarah Healy, Helah Milroy, Gala Shevtsov, Joey Valency ART IN PROCESS | EXISTENCE THEATRE PRODUCTION 2021 – 60 min Performance dates: TBA ABOUT THE PIECE Harness your imagination! Fear meets truth, and social isolation confronts you with themore


Power | Guilt | Sacrifice | Isolation | Preserve Humankind: Are YOU a chosen one? This video gives insight into LONELY MARS, a strongly physical and emotionally energetic performance that engaged with audiences on various levels. While reconnecting to images of mothers of heroes and fallen troops, collective emotions andmore


Label. Stigma. Separation. Family Secrets. Hurt: The past cannot be denied. This video gives insight into STORMWATER, a contemporary play about gender equality, diversity and cultural tolerance. Two people in love, brother and sister, face the accusation of incest within their own family. A whole new world of societal boundariesmore


Based on four different female characters, who speak in their text lines about the complexity of gender linked to identity, social interaction, power and oppression; about the interaction of gender with other things like race, class, culture, religion, sexuality and consumerism. In monologues, as separated beings, they give insight intomore