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All distributed work available from Contemporary Arts Media – leading consultant for Arts Education AUS/UK

EMOTIONAL SEASONS – not quite kosher © 2010

An abstract play by elisabeth m eitelberger is the basis for the development of a video and sound installation through onsite explorations and filmed (documented) performances in public and private that investigate how integration or exclusion is felt around particular places. The project generally addresses issues about identity and belonging arising from globalisation and human existence in a still cultural diverse society. Not quite kosher (in Vienna) is part of a bigger context of discovering different Emotional Seasons in society and diverse cities/urban places.

in collaboration with Sabine Wutschek, Heide Riel, Franz Sramek and Reinhard Mayr







あさがお Asagao (morning glory) © 2007

An artist’s text spoke by three women’s voices in three different languages leads through a digital composition about a certain relation between the human being and nature (as a gigantic force) in a mechanised world. The artist shows the human being in getting an alienated and remote-controlled figure that strolls through shopping malls and finds itself exposed to nature and a world, based on urban areas, traffic and mass media. The human body starts to float, loses individualism and independence.

audio-visual installation in English, German and Japanese








DIGITAL COMPOSITION collector’s edition © 2006

A special edition presenting a summary of the main digital work by bello benischauer on a double-DVD from 2001-2006, containing video-documentations of interdisciplinary exhibitions, videos from the DVD series and single video installations – 154 mins

I believe that the work has redeeming educational merit. It is insightful and unique and is of interest to anyone involved in the contemporary creative arts. Dr Peter Mudie, University of Western Australia








manipulated © 2005/06

… deals with questions about nature and human beings, showing how the fragments and remains of pre-existing life forms become the starting point of new creation. The strongest message from this video installation: it is not a question of what is possible, but of how far we are prepared to go. This is a virtual collage, bringing together different scene-shots from films and documentations to create a coded message – 41 mins

What I particularly like about Bello’s work is it has great variety in style, theme and concepts, and this allows a newer observer of contemporary digital art to appreciate a diverse range of works. The different projects give an insight into what is possible with the application of new technologies to New Media Art. Graeme Watson, FTI Film and Television Institute Western Australia





PROJECT X… six transformations of life © 2004/05

A story about the discoveries of a creature sent to earth to investigate human life – A philosophical view on things around us in Western Society

Experimental Digital Media Production in English and German

Aphoristic talk about world and inner experiences; from birth to growing up, from reproduction to death: the main video shows a path through six stages that should provide a self-identification for the audience to bring up own experiences and intentions of struggling with individuality and mass phenomenon.

mona Museum of Modern Art Detroit/USA 2005, barbès Performance Space New York/USA 2005, accea Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan/Armenia 2005, multimedia event Austria 2005, artopia Living Artists WA festival, Perth/Australia – 65 mins






Focussing on modern movements inspired by nature and urban settings; a story about changing the view on things in society, nature and life in general.

San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium 2003, National Museum of Australia/Canberra 2004, amoda Austin Museum of Digital Art Texas/USA 2004, mona Museum of Modern Art Detroit/USA 2005 and various Multi Media Events in Australia – 77 mins

His work in digital video and performance was a key to the symposium’s international scope, and proved exemplary as to how a multiplicity of approaches to the new art of performance cinema provides a deeper understanding of many aspects of performance cinema – form, content, political, global, etc. Henry Warwick, curator SFPCS San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium 2003




Maybe It’s Only… Imagine! © 2002

Examinations of dreams and reality by focussing on the forms and colours of nature; human beings have attempted to control, reorganise, and mark nature with signs of their presence; seven videos as digital paintings, moving pictures questioning the natural cycles of death and rebirth. Presented as installations in exhibitions (Europe/Australia) – 62 mins

In our work we try to define a new dialogue between different medias. Experimental abstract video art and a connection to traditional art forms are the aim and result of works. In exhibitions concrete themes lead to a certain form of discovering digital installations. Built on a basic idea we use media that should give a practical view on things.






SixPack a series of six DVDs – sold as one set 2002-2007

I believe that the work has redeeming educational merit. It is insightful and unique and is of interest to anyone involved in the contemporary creative arts. Dr Peter Mudie, University of Western Australia




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