The Video Installations summarise works that were developed as components of extensive projects or as individual pieces. The presentation mode of video installations differs very much. We come across them for instance on screens in public space, in black boxes or otherwise built screen environments in art galleries/museums and/or can watch them online. The following video installations have been documented in three groups, already pursuing a distinct perception through the anticipated exhibition format.


Self-written texts, designed as aphorism or as abstract play form the basis for the accordingly created video work. Verbal or non-verbal communication takes place (different languages are used), obtained between the characters in the work or in relation to the viewer, sometimes of narrative nature. The works are complex and develop from a process that includes the creation of mixed media installations, theatre-like environments, or apply methods of performance art in public space. The final works are rather a composed documentation of the whole process that connects different media and methods to communicate a certain message to the viewer.


These works are based on self-written, aphoristic texts. The recorded voice work leads the viewer through the moving images that complement/oppose the sound and vice versa. The texts have often been translated and used in different languages.


The compositions trigger a certain psychological effect, based on sound, leading the viewer through the moving images. The works are rather short and designed to loop. There is no distinct beginning or end that matters to understand the work’s meaning.


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