Synchronised Video Triptych: FRÖNEND | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer … our doubts… are like a gate… that we have to walk through… every single day… If we breath calmly and connect with space… emotionally, we can manage to keep our wariness at bay… dreams are men’s elixir of life…more


SUEX is an installation consisting of four videos in relation to four different sound compositions. Basis is an aphorism by AIP in 16 sequences. The text is translated into Hebrew, Japanese and Noongar (language of Indigenous Australians, southwest corner of Western Australia).The text was recorded in each language, building themore


SUSTAINABILITY & EXTINCTION – audio-visual installation in four parts The project reflects on urgent matters concerning our lifestyle, throwaway society and cultura intolerance/ignorance. It discusses in which directions the world will possibly develop, which relationships/communities are about to be created in context to different perceptions of environmental sustainability and climate change.more


This is an artistic identification with human existence and how we sometimes feel dislocated. The installation plays with the body’s limitations of movement and sets the human body in confrontation to artificial life form that extends human abilities to move. EXILe questions how we try to recreate, recharge and how we dealmore


published in ARTECH 2008, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Digital Arts by Alvaro Barbosa (Editor), School of Arts, Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal  2008, ISBN: 978-989-95776-3-3 Abstract  —  This paper is about the aesthetic, conceptual and technical aspects of the work by new media artist bello benischauer (Australia/Austria) and specificallymore


in collaboration with GRAHAM BRADDY, AVI HARPAZ, TIM McCABE (Australia) and SORA TAKAYAMA (Japan) English-06’40 min, Hebrew-06’40 min, Japanese-06’40 min, and Noongar-05’30 min Blu-ray distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education four-wall installation, black walls: video cube The four videos have different length and are broughtmore




This work shows the human being as an alienated and remote-controlled figure that strolls through shopping malls and finds itself exposed to nature and a world based on urban areas, traffic and mass media. The human being starts to float, losing individualism and independence. The body of the main animated figuremore


disabled silence – Oil on Hardboard, 4-40x120cm, AUD $ 8000,- Organic – Oil on Hardboard, 6-60x80cm, AUD $ 12000,- SUEX-wall – Oil on Hardboard, 6-60x80cm, AUD $ 8000,- secret family – Oil on Hardboard, 9-30x80cm, AUD $ 9000,-


A story about the discoveries of an alien being (called Blind Queen) sent to earth to investigate human life. A philosophical view on things around us in Western Society in English and German. Aphoristic talk about world and inner experiences based on a text by AIP: from birth to growing up,more