The photographs and audio-visual work were created to illustrate a story: of looking at things, looking at situations, looking into people’s faces. The work created in this particular context turned the word intervention into a poetic experience and took the notion from a place of fear and resistance to onemore


INTERVENTION explores the term of intervention in its artistic meaning and beyond. The project series has resulted in a book of photographs, text and a Blu-Ray Disc with audio-visual installations, exemplifying the artist’s recurrent combination of static and temporal work. Single elements were based on text (aphorism) written by themore


INTERVENTION – project series 2009 in HD experimentations with performance and new media art the project series results in an ARTIST BOOK of photographs, text and a Blu-Ray Disc with audio-visual installations KUMASI PART THREE developed at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana August 2009 live performance CANmore


“This is my forest, get out of my forest!” the artist repetitively yelled at the people standing in the museum. Then he suddenly started to run in a circle around the museum-space, telling people to follow him; first inviting, then urging and finally aggressively commanding. As soon as people followedmore


video/sound installation, in relation to Intervention PART 3 during The Kumasi Symposium, Ghana, 2009 In Kumasi, I wanted to visit a private house and made contact with a man, who invited me in. His young child was sitting on the floor, eating his lunch out of a bowl. It did not recognisemore


artistic documentation by bello benischauer about THE KUMASI SYMPOSIUM Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education through Art Department of General Art Studies, College of Arts and Social Sciences Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, Ghana July 31-August 14, 2009 project curating/developing/documenting/presenting & lecture plus artist presentation The symposium ismore


… explored human beings and their immediate surroundings to discover what actions can destroy others, or interfere with their environment. This part evolved from the discussion about creating appropriate environments for people – both in general and in particular places. It investigated how local resources could be engaged most efficiently, how artmore


… looked further, examining interventions that happen between people/bodies; how we interact, intervene, interfere and how we individually grow into what we finally are: individual beings, formed by culture, society, language. Explorations in the use of movement, dance and rhythm: dancers created situations together in a public space and in privatemore


subnet salzburg platform for media art and experimental technologies project name: SALZBURG_backyard, the AIR project was funded by subnet The residency led to an exhibition and presentation of work created throughout the time at subnet. Residency: 11th – 31st May, Exhibition dates: 29th May – 12th June 2009, Opening: Thursday 28th May 2009more


… questioned: What does artistic intervention in public and private mean? What is the attempt for such an intervention? How do we fit – as an individual – into a space? This first approach sought to understand what an art-intervention may be able to cause and investigated how reactions from the generalmore