Subsequently created to SYNCHRONISATION TRIAL and as a linkage to A PEACEFUL MIND (from the NO INTERMISSION series) and LAST WOOD (from the UNCONSCIOUSNESS series) the artists continue to address – in this video diptych – how our individually created footprints alter our environment, socially as well as environmentally.

They show ironically and on a metaphorical level, how we handle/tend to ignore our actions’ multiple repercussions. Pretending to care, we use a gun to make peace; we help to protect certain animals, but eat meat; donate money to the Third World while indulging in a mass consuming habit; nourish and cherish a house plant despite adding to our nature’s destruction every single day,…

This performance piece takes a look into the absurdity of hidden and most obvious behaviour patterns that we have adopted to be still able to live in a nice world of make-believe.

 IT’S FINE NOW makes clear and deliberately bold statements: It is not only a fashionable matter to change our habits!

Any use of weapons has to be refused, because, after all, the handling of weapons leads to war! Our world population is growing massively and living in ignorance at somebody else’s expense isn’t the way to go!

Synchronised Video Diptych: IT’S FINE NOW | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer

  • This video is an Internet version only. Original work presented as single video performances next to each other, played synchronously, on two 50″ (127cm) High Definition Plasma TVs, mounted vertically.

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