SUSTAINABILITY & EXTINCTION – audio-visual installation in four parts

The project reflects on urgent matters concerning our lifestyle, throwaway society and cultura intolerance/ignorance. It discusses in which directions the world will possibly develop, which relationships/communities are about to be created in context to different perceptions of environmental sustainability and climate change.

What does it mean to protect and keep things how they are? Is it necessary to destroy, to form something new? SUEX creates an immersive platform to distinguish a change of thinking, a shifting of accommodated world conception. The viewer is suddenly confronted with language barriers (in the sound composition) and an unwanted identification with thoughtless consuming pattern in the video images that address the importance of nature as the main source of life.

In collaboration with GRAHAM BRADDY, AVI HARPAZ, TIM McCABE (Australia) and SORA TAKAYAMA (Japan)

English-06’40 min, Hebrew-06’40 min, Japanese-06’40 min, and Noongar-05’30 min

The disc includes a small book with the original text used for the sound creation, translated into English/ Hebrew/ Japanese/ Noongar.

Blu-ray distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

Presented during ARTECH08, University of Porto/Portugal 2008 

SUEX Blu-rayDisc includes previous and recent digital media projects
infertile future – 03:00 min 2008
Human Migration – 04:38 min 2008
ASAGAO – 17:00 min 2007
Seafactory – 09:27 min 2007
artist portrait – 12:00 min 2006
digital evidence – 17:00 min 2006
Identical City – 03:00 min 2005
manipulated – 19:28 min 2005
PROJECT X – 48:45 min 2004
Digital Trilogy – 25:48 min 2003
D.S.P. – 10:14 min 2002
Inside – 05:55 min 2001


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