Welcome to a new year of healing through creativity!

Our paths may have crossed at some point in time, or perhaps this is your first introduction to ART IN PROCESS Therapy. As in previous years you can book sessions with me in two locations to suit your needs. Let me introduce these spaces to you, both locations cater for children, youth and adults.

My art studio is a walk away from Bathers Beach and gets the sea breeze in the afternoon.
Mo, Thur, Fri flexible appointment times, face to face, online and outreach opportunities, women groups max 5 on request
client types: Private, NDIS (self and plan managed)
The studio environment makes it a less clinical but generous space, which gives you access to a great variety of materials.

COPE Centre for Psychological Enrichment
West Perth
This is a psychological practice close to the CBD, where I offer Arts Therapy and Play Therapy and work in a team of other clinicians.
Tue, Wed 9am-5pm
client types: Private, NDIS (self and plan managed), NDIA managed (COPE is a NDIS registered provider)
My room is stocked with a quality range of materials.

No matter, where you prefer to see me, my work with YOU will always be about providing a safe space for you to process, grow and heal.

It is all about the process and the relationship:

I believe that every person should have a voice and be respected for who they are and how they feel. Figuring out what life can look like for each of us is a constant process of discovery. What we bring with us from the past and how we move into the future can sometimes be difficult. And sometimes we feel stuck and can’t move forward. With ART IN PROCESS Therapy, I offer therapeutic support and combine psychotherapy with my lifelong connection to the arts. The therapeutic relationship is key to helping you resolve problems, gain new perspectives, and heal over time. You are neither expected nor required to have any creative skills to benefit from this therapeutic practice.

How are you today and where do you feel it?

Do you experience emotional dysregulation, feel drained or overwhelmed? It seems for you that talking is not enough to express your issues? I hear you! The cause can be as complex as the journey that you may have been through already. In my clinical work it is important for me to be present with you, to listen, hear and see how you feel. We take every part of you into account. I walk alongside clients at different stages in their lives.

When words fail to describe your issues, you have access to tools and media that help to express yourself more deeply.
Through my knowledge and passion for the healing power of art, I apply methods based on latest research and provide personalised services to help individuals cultivate a grounded and embodied sense of self. Creative tools in therapy allow my clients to delve into their emotional and psychological states that may be difficult to articulate with words alone. Through the therapeutic relationship and the various creative means, you can express your innermost thoughts and feelings, which fosters a connection between your body and mind. We look at presenting issues and develop a personalised therapy plan that is right for you. In my person-centred approach to therapy, my clients take the lead and are considered the expert in their own life. We focus on your strengths and vulnerabilities and create a treatment plan from the very beginning to ensure progress is made throughout the therapy process.

My special areas are Trauma, Complex Trauma, Chronic Pain, Neurodivergence, Identity Development and diverse Mental Health conditions.

I completed a Research Master in Philosophy at the University of Vienna and a Masters in Creative Arts Therapies at Murdoch University in Perth.

Besides my therapeutic practice, I have maintained a professional career as an interdisciplinary artist for the past three decades. From an early age, I felt the desire to explore the meaning and purpose of life through the healing power of art and an existential lens. My holistic approach to working with individual clients is informed by the latest research in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

I am a Registered Arts Psychotherapist (ANZACATA), work in private practice, as clinical member of COPE and have joined COTWA as a professional member. As a clinician I engage in continuous professional and self-development and attend regular supervision to ensure best practice for my clients.


Presenting Issues:
Trauma and PTSD
Cultural Issues
Identity Issues
Mental Health Issues
Physical Health Issues
Autism Spectrum

Art Modalities:
Art Therapy
Expressive Arts Therapy
Creative Arts Therapy
Creative Writing

Therapy Approaches:
Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Existential, Humanistic, Transpersonal

Client Types:

Sessions are 1 hour and include the use of materials.
I like to keep therapy affordable for my clients and we can discuss your situation, once you get in touch with me.

For any queries or to book an initial session text or call me (Elisabeth) on 0469762443 and leave a message or send me an email to eitelberger@artinprocess.com
Available to take referrals.
Available for consultation, facilitation and/or promotional work.

Client Response:

„For me, the art therapy sessions were the place I longed for, a place where I felt heard and seen, a place where I felt safe to express myself in various artistic ways. Elisabeth supported my inner-self journey sensitively and with such professionalism and passion. This art process was such a delicate discovery of the INSIDE, and I will always be grateful for those meaningful and precious moments that I had the courage to experience and investigate!“

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My work with YOU will always be about providing a safe space for you to process, grow and heal. I wish you all the best for your wellbeing. Reach out if the time is right for you. I look forward to work with you in the nearer future!

Yours, Elisabeth