Embodied process to explore issues related to anxiety, depression, complex trauma, chronic pain, cultural and gender identity. Activating imagination, self-growth and healing by combining movement/dance, drama, visual imagery and creative writing.

Therapist – Mental Health Service – Alternative and Holistic Health Service


– Therapeutic approach guided by humanistic, existential and psychodynamic theories around the use of process-orientated creativity

– person-centred approach based on latest Health Research and Neuroscience

– sessions available in English and German

– Children, Youth and Adults

– Modalities adjusted to age group and presenting issues

– Special Focus Areas: chronic pain general, arthritis, self-identity, intimacy

Elisabeth M Eitelberger – Therapist


Professional Member of ANZACATA

enquiries: eitelberger@artinprocess.com | Facebook

Short Bio:

Elisabeth has longstanding experience of working with vulnerable people in socio-cultural contexts. She uses methods and techniques to guide a creative healing process that responds to clients’ individual needs.She has been developing as interdisciplinary artist and performer since being an adolescent, always interested in the healing quality of art making. During her early studies she focused on the aesthetics of interdisciplinary artforms, especially interested in European postdramatic forms of expression and object/installation theatre. In more recent years she shifted her focus towards Creative Arts Therapies and gained psychotherapeutic skills to underline her artistic expertise, which informs her overall work with clients.