It critically questions a global unfolding of uprooted identification with tradition and ritual and how this shapes today’s people and the individual. This recently written and highly topical piece by Existence Theatre is a philosophical examination about culture and humanity. It depicts how the phenomenon of war uses fear evokingmore


 AUFBRUCHSGEISTER (DEPARTING MINDS) – experimental performance | Sound | Movement | Dramatic Enactment Performances: Friday, 14. Jan | Saturday, 15. Jan | Friday,  21. Jan | Saturday, 22. Jan – 8:30pm Venue: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore St, Fremantle, WA, 6160   | Bar and doors open from 7:30pm | duration: approx. 60 minmore

Z6QCQ6 Code of Rituals

a story about rituals and connectedness – written, directed, video and sound by bello benischauer ABOUT THE PIECE: The king has died. The law demands that Troja the queen needs to be sacrificed to the gods. Movement, dance, dramatic enactment, video and sound, poignant and engaging. A timeley reflection on how peoplemore


CONSTRUCTIONS OF THE WESTERN WORLD DEPOSITED BY CAPITALISM We are humans holding point in space and time to create and communicate through the language of sound. To give form to the formless and voice to the voiceless in a dialogue and dance of intersecting rhythm and tone. Following the impulsesmore


a postmodern fairytale about destiny – written, directed, video and sound by bello benischauer ABOUT THE PIECE Harness your imagination! Fear meets truth, and social isolation confronts you with the darker side of mythical creatures. Don’t be fooled by what you see, as something else lurks behind you already. And whatmore


Power | Guilt | Sacrifice | Isolation | Preserve Humankind: Are YOU a chosen one? This video gives insight into LONELY MARS, a strongly physical and emotionally energetic performance that engaged with audiences on various levels. While reconnecting to images of mothers of heroes and fallen troops, collective emotions andmore


Label. Stigma. Separation. Family Secrets. Hurt: The past cannot be denied. This video gives insight into STORMWATER, a contemporary play about gender equality, diversity and cultural tolerance. Two people in love, brother and sister, face the accusation of incest within their own family. A whole new world of societal boundariesmore


Fears and anxieties are according to research and media reports on the increase in our society, and the discussion of “where does emotional/verbal/physical abuse really start” reaches new hights. It leaves us with a lot of questions of how to actually deal with other people sensibly enough. The piece exploresmore


Based on four different female characters, who speak in their text lines about the complexity of gender linked to identity, social interaction, power and oppression; about the interaction of gender with other things like race, class, culture, religion, sexuality and consumerism. In monologues, as separated beings, they give insight intomore


Returning to WA after successful productions overseas the EXISTENCE THEATRE (AUS/AT) invites you to immerse yourself in emotionally guided situations that comment on the many secrets that we hold on to. In this not to be missed performance boundaries between performers and audience collapse. Three characters touch on issues concerningmore


  The genre of the hotel occurs in many theatre plays, novels and films. With the Existence Theatre we approach this topic performatively and interact with our audience by trying to reach different levels of perception. We simulate situations in a hotel, a location, where we meet other individuals/strangers andmore


EIN SICH STÄNDIG NEU ERFINDEN in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen: der Workshop in der Brunnenpassage diente dazu, das Existence Theatre neu Interessierten zugänglich zu machen.   ZUNGEN SCHREIEN – Ausdruck durch Sprache KÖRPER DÜRFEN – Gefühle durch Bewegung MENSCHEN BEGEGNEN – Freiheit durch Vielfalt Durch improvisiertes Experimentieren kann etwas entstehen, das esmore


Performative play in five scenes for seven performers: autumn in 2242. Everything that exists is already history and there are visions of a morning, which is somehow already there, individually but differently, because everyone has his own ideas about tomorrow. Transcultural entity connects the many worlds of view and life stylesmore


  household space, also relating to one’s own or a particular country apart from other countries, indigenous to or produced or made within one’s own country; not foreign; native, no longer wild; also as a pattern of behaviour, which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic settingmore


As artists we play around with the imagination of some and the interpretation of others. Leaving enough room for contemplation, different images may occur to different persons. With this performance lecture we tried to demonstrate how to create a moment of interaction between people (of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds)more


PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) residency 2015 THE PREVENTION: LOCATING MODERN IDENTITY with a Temporary Ensemble Working on a creative process in the studio and in some of Perth’s public locations, for further development of the Existence Theatre practice during a residency at PICA from 16 February to 8 April 2015 WORK PROCESS |more


ENGLISH below | VIDEOS | EINSICHT | PHOTOS | Hubnut | Performance text for a Temporary Ensemble Eine Auftragsarbeit für das 24. Internationale SZENE BUNTE WÄHNE Theaterfestival für ein junges Publikum   ÜBERLAUF basiert auf einem abstrakten Performancetext in deutscher Sprache von bello benischauer, der ins Englische, Französische und Spanische übersetztmore


The first public screening took place at the Jaffa Room in Perth on 28 Feb 2014 The Changing Role of Women in the LA Profession – initiated and independently funded by Greg Grabasch –  a film by bello benischauer ‘Let’s have an AILA Women in Landscape Architecture Award’? This question was initially posedmore


photo by christophe canato Some reflections concerning the Open Studio Day, 10 November 2013 This year we showed some of the video installations that we have recently developed in relation to our EXISTENCE THEATRE method. The individual pieces play with understanding the symbolic meaning of cultural places/objects, how we use language/movement to tellmore


STÖRUNGEN (Disturbances) by bello benischauer three live performances/interventions in public space at the Swizz Performance Art Festival PERFORM NOW! in Winterthur, Switzerland, 3 to 6 October 2013 with a Performance Lecture at the accompanying Symposium TRANS:SCRIPT – Kunsthalle Winterthur. Artistic idea (original text in German): People tell each other liesmore


Performance Lecture: Existence Theatre by ART IN PROCESS at TRANS:SCRIPT (Symposium, during PERFORM NOW#3 Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland) on 3 October 2013, Kunsthalle Winterthur An introduction about the Existence Theatre method by ART IN PROCESS was given by using a one page summary for an improvised voice work. This was performed simultaneouslymore


ENGLISH below | VIDEOS | LIVE PERFORMANCE | PHOTOS GERMAN sozialkulturelle Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum ein Kollaborationsprojekt mit spacelab – von 10. bis 27. Juni 2013 – in Wien, aspern Seestadt! Live Performance: 27. Juni 2013, 18:00 RÜCKBLICK AM ANFANG STEHT DIE PROJEKTIDEE: wenn in einem gewässer kalte und warme tiefen zusammenkommen wenn dasmore


new project 2014 WHAT IT WILL BE – As soon as you start using words for it… some sort of explanation…, you lay down a certain concept. If you do not know what it is about, you cannot describe it. What happens, once you let go of all learned theories, socialmore


  Reflections by Elisabeth about the Open Studio Day 2012 The question was: How do we shape and transform a space within an existing space? Besides horrible weather conditions a great number of visitors came to see the studios at the Old Custom’s House on Sunday 4Nov 2012. In ourmore


From the Catalog of the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2011 Istanbul This publication appears on the occasion of the ISEA2011 Istanbul, 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art, 14-21 September 2011 © 2011 Leonardo/ISAST, ISEA Foundation, Sabanci, University and Goldsmiths, University of London. All rights reserved. The International Symposium on Electronic Art,more


Different headlines are used to document certain activities of our work at large. ARTIST TALKS and EVENTS give insight into specific work in context to national and international projects or exhibitions. With SCHOOL PROJECTS and WORKSHOPS we extend our work-methods to like-minded artists and students of different age groups. Themes of globalisationmore


ISEA2011 Istanbul WORKSHOP: BORN TO BE A STILL LIFE 14 to 21 September 2011, Istanbul/Turkey  An EXHIBITION as part of Uncontainable (the ISEA exhibition in context to the 12th Istanbul Biennial), LIVE PERFORMANCE  and PAPER PRESENTATION by ART IN PROCESS. Catalog of the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2011 Istanbul ISEA2011 The International Symposium onmore


published through ISEA 2011 Istanbul Globalisation has opened up enormous possibilities of linkages; it ideally means dissemination, diversity and insight into foreign worlds. But other than leading to a broad perspective and enthusiasm about the various aspects of this world per se and its cultures, we must admit that – criticallymore


These five minutes cut through some of the projects by ART IN PROCESS. Please be aware that the original works (cross-disciplinary projects with a strong performative character and use of different languages) are mostly around 15 min or longer. This is a brief insight into works that build on amore


in collaboration with Western Australian musician TRISTEN PARR and Year 8 students SVAPA (Special Arts Education Program) workshop at the Mount Lawley Senior High School, Perth November 2010 Experimentations with improvisational performance and sound – how to control your body movement and being controlled by others. Possible Outcome of the process:more


in collaboration with SlowForward (Austria) ART IN PROCESS produced a video/sound installation in Sydney, which was used as a backdrop projection for a live performance by SlowForward at the Art in the Park Festival,Vienna This is not the place to go for a swim (metaphorically spoken)! From our studio at Artspace we can seemore


This interview with Bello about the work by ART IN PROCESS was recorded by BlinkLicht Media Lab Vienna as part of their international collaboration project IMPORT&EXPORT during the Vienna Festwochen in May 2010. The interview includes scene-shots from the project Not quite kosher in Vienna that resulted in an EndPresentationmore


in collaboration with SABINE WUTSCHEK , FRANZ SRAMEK,  HEIDEMARIE RIEL and REINHARD MAYR (Austria) DVD distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education supported by: Das Dorf (artists in residence program), LABfactory, Toolsatwork und The Department of Culture and the Arts Western Australia 12 May 2010, 8pm at DAS DORFmore

Inter-Artistic Identities within the Socio-Political Space

published in: Cultural and Ethical Turns. Interdisciplinary Reflections on Culture, Politics and Ethics – Critical Issues series Publishing Creative Research, Inter-Disciplinary Press Oxford, UK, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-84888-054-2 Abstract: ART IN PROCESS is a partnership based in Fremantle, Australia. In our work we explore relationships between humanity, technology and the natural environment in a socio-political context. Wemore

Artistic Identity within Cyberspace

published in: New Media and the Politics of Online Communities – Critical Issues series Publishing Creative Research, Inter-Disciplinary Press Oxford, UK, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-84888-032-0 Artistic Identity within Cyberspace: Issues go global, Interdisciplinary Projects do evolve – A personal View Abstract This paper involves a case study about ART IN PROCESS (Austria/ Australia), amore


audio-visual installation by bello benischauer, sound by Tristen Parr, concept by elisabeth m eitelberger, directed by bello benischauer participants: year 9- students, Mount Lawley SHS, Perth/WA What is out there, an audio-visual installation, was the result of a one-day/cross-media workshop with year 9 students at Mount Lawley Senior High Schoolmore


“This is my forest, get out of my forest!” the artist repetitively yelled at the people standing in the museum. Then he suddenly started to run in a circle around the museum-space, telling people to follow him; first inviting, then urging and finally aggressively commanding. As soon as people followedmore


artistic documentation by bello benischauer about THE KUMASI SYMPOSIUM Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education through Art Department of General Art Studies, College of Arts and Social Sciences Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, Ghana July 31-August 14, 2009 project curating/developing/documenting/presenting & lecture plus artist presentation The symposium ismore


OVERVIEW The project is participatory, will be sited in a space that is open to the public and in a central location. The project aims to inspire social change related to our daily consuming pattern and to get aware of our personal footprint in context to a global situation concerningmore


Media Release VISUAL ARTS, page 8, THE WEST AUSTRALIAN, Jan 25/2006 Seeing the light PIP CHRISTMASS Austrian-born, Perth based artist Bello Benischauer has travelled the globe, from South America and Africa to Iran and Pakistan. But his exhibition, Collection, an overview of his two-dimensional work, brings together paintings inspired primarily by themore


ABOUT Globalisiation and E-communication lead today to connections across the globe, like this 30min artist interview produced by Robert Medrala and Becky Winant, TotalTV, in Philadelphia/USA. The Process: Interview questions have been forwarded to the artist, who video taped himself giving the answers in a media arts studio in Fremantle,more


subnet salzburg platform for media art and experimental technologies project name: SALZBURG_backyard, the AIR project was funded by subnet The residency led to an exhibition and presentation of work created throughout the time at subnet. Residency: 11th – 31st May, Exhibition dates: 29th May – 12th June 2009, Opening: Thursday 28th May 2009more


ARTECH 2008 is the fourth international workshop held in Portugal and Galicia on the topic of Digital Arts. It aims to promote contacts between Iberian and International contributors concerned with the conception, production and dissemination of Digital and Electronic Art. Artech 2008 brings the scientific, technological and artistic community together,more


This project was about discussing students’ fears and concerns within their daily environment by addressing terms of interaction, tolerance, acceptance and difference. The Blue Child, an animated figure – created as a basis for the video/sound installation – served as background (wall-projection in the theatre room) for the performance andmore


published in ARTECH 2008, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Digital Arts by Alvaro Barbosa (Editor), School of Arts, Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal  2008, ISBN: 978-989-95776-3-3 Abstract  —  This paper is about the aesthetic, conceptual and technical aspects of the work by new media artist bello benischauer (Australia/Austria) and specificallymore


Australian Interstate Tour – IMPACT & FUSION of bello benischauer toured from 2008 to 2011 and had 11734 visitors. Western Australia: Albany May08, Ravensthorpe June/July08, Esperance Aug/Sep08, Denham Sep/Oct08, Mandurah Dec08/Jan09, Katanning Mar09, Moora Mar/Apr09, Geraldton Jul-Sep09, Bunbury Apr/May10 NSW: University of Western Sydney August 2010 – Queensland: Hervey Bay Nov10-Feb11 andmore


Galerie Faux Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Metz, France on 22 June 2007. Galerie Faux Mouvement is part of the international media art project Virtual Residency – showing the video installation IDENTICAL CITY the international media art project, the Virtual Residency – A call for a virtual migration to the house Europe Virtual Residency ismore


WallSpace – Brisbane exhibition – 18th May to 18th June 2007 showing Bello’s current digital work including new video/sound installation, SEAFACTORY developed for the TECHNOART group exhibition at Lapart Wallspace, Brisbane 2007 supported by DCA in conjunction with the exhibition Bello held a workshop about Art and Technology at the Lapart Wallspace Gallery, Brisbane focussingmore


This TV interview accompanied an exhibition called ENLIGHTENED at the UWA Club Gallery (The University of Western Australia) in 2007 by GalleryWatch, WTV Perth bello benischauer: home visit and exhibition – spanning work from 2003 to 2007 Wake Up! WA – an artist interview during a breakfast television show in Perth, broadcastedmore


bello benischauer: about the artist, his ideas and exhibitions, spanning work review 2001 to 2006 produced by ART IN PROCESS 2006


This workshop idea has been created in 2004 and still exists in its original format. Depending on interest, it is possible to revisit the concept and develop it further. Course description Get to know how to work with video and new media from filming to the endproduction of a DVDmore


Exhibition Signs of Existence 31.Jan – 09.Feb, 2003  at the MOORES BUILDING Contemporary Art Gallery / Fremantle / Australia


Exhibition Maybe It´s Only Imagine 19.Jul – 11.Aug, 2002  at the Gallery NÖFA/WELS/AUSTRIA PROJECT DESCRIPTION This art project is an examination of dreams and reality by focussing on the forms and colours of nature. Human beings have attempted to control, reorganise, and mark nature with signs of their presence: Collecting, conserving, disruptingmore


mona DETROIT/USA International Film & Videofestival 2005 NEW YORKs performance space barbes, Brooklyn USA presents PROJECT X 2005 DIGITAL TRILOGY at the Caught Short TAPgallery SYDNEY/AUS 2005 DIGITAL TRILOGY screened at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra: Sky Lounge 2004 International Exhibition WOMEN’S CITY at the NPAK The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, ARMENIA 2004 SANmore