audio-visual installation by bello benischauer, sound by Tristen Parr, concept by elisabeth m eitelberger, directed by bello benischauer

participants: year 9- students, Mount Lawley SHS, Perth/WA

What is out there, an audio-visual installation, was the result of a one-day/cross-media workshop with year 9 students at Mount Lawley Senior High School Perth/Australia, Nov 2009 (in collaboration with Australian musician Tristen Parr, sound). This project tried to exemplify, observe and translate the question: How would you describe yourself in this world? Single performances at the school-site (outdoors and the theatre) were developed to create a video and sound installation that questioned our individual behaviour in this already quite standardized world. The students were further invited to react to: How do we try to accommodate to certain frames? How could we try to overcome them? Can you grow into confident individuals, able to make positive changes happening within your immediate and extended surroundings? The work-title of who are you finally became a curious question, statement about that is ME, but what is/awaits me out there?

WHAT IS OUT THERE exemplifies how we behave/act in this world. We sometimes seem irritated, seem quite unsure about what is going on, are confused, feel constrained in how we supposed to act as a human being. We do not know anymore what we exactly are or how we should be. In losing a sense of belonging we search for new definitions of who we are, in a globalised world. But within this world we experience a contradictive message of: Everything is possible! but also: Nothing is worthwhile to consider any more!
Questions arise: are we still able to create something new? How can we hold on to things and still explore new territories?

The audio-visual work that has been developed throughout this one-day workshop questions our individual being in this generalising world; how we try to accommodate to certain frames; how we try to overcome them and grow to confident individuals, able to make positive changes happening within our immediate and extended surroundings.

What describes YOU became finally a curious question/statement about That is ME, but what is/awaits me out there.


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