ABOUT This video installation expresses how we belong to land and culture, based on our individual and collective history and the ever-changing image of society. The port is explored as a place of transition, and as a local point of arrival and departure. The performers enact the connection between peoplemore


nakedness – as a symbol and linkage to birth and human identity/alikeness: an artistic outcry to leave the comfort zone of a materialistic society how would it feel to stand there instead of the artists? written on their bodies = world population number at the time of their births on 18.12.1974more


… addresses cultural patterns and behaviour systems in history and cross-culture symbolisation of certain items in context to the human being how certain items receive iconographical relevance tend to influence our visual perception why do we see things the way we recognise them considering particular cultural traditions   The singlemore


Synchronised Video Triptych: FRÖNEND | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer … our doubts… are like a gate… that we have to walk through… every single day… If we breath calmly and connect with space… emotionally, we can manage to keep our wariness at bay… dreams are men’s elixir of life…more


to provide hope for this world to find peace to prove to oneself that it’s never too late to raise your concern about global issues the belief that religions, races and peacemaking powers will finally unite, does exist a rogation to Jesus, a conversation with Allah, a connection to Krishnamore


Subsequently created to SYNCHRONISATION TRIAL and as a linkage to A PEACEFUL MIND (from the NO INTERMISSION series) and LAST WOOD (from the UNCONSCIOUSNESS series) the artists continue to address – in this video diptych – how our individually created footprints alter our environment, socially as well as environmentally. They show ironically and on a metaphorical level, howmore


The video performances made in this context are based on the following concept: Bello’s initial idea: a woman taking different books out of a box, quoting passages, and putting them back in the box. Looking for material, Bello went to the Fremantle Library. He explained there briefly his idea and our generalmore


… existence formed by discipline trying to protect ourselves through the adoption of different cultural behaviours/movements/teachings perhaps to get rid of the guilt we feel about living a good life perhaps to redirect our energy to prepare for disasters which can be anything we imagine ourselves based on individual paranoidmore


a video installation: under the German title Untauglich, which means ineligible for military service, the artist looks into transnationally existing forms of social and/or political constraints. He addresses certain aspects of how we act and fit/do not fit into the generally expected behaviour patterns of a human life that one findsmore


  … continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action.more