a video installation: under the German title Untauglich, which means ineligible for military service, the artist looks into transnationally existing forms of social and/or political constraints. He addresses certain aspects of how we act and fit/do not fit into the generally expected behaviour patterns of a human life that one finds specifically defined by culturally shaped guidelines. What makes a society so powerful? Who does really pull the strings within? Who decides over right and wrong? What does happen, if someone frees oneself of all these codes of conduct and tries to speak out?

And in context to the artist’s main work themes, which linkages/simularities exist between different countries and cultures, when it comes to behaviour patterns and lifestyles that are classified and/or disapproved by society/state/community? When is a person labelled as untauglich, in a metaphorical and more comprehensive sense?

Untauglich wall-objects shock-freeze a certain image, a movement and expression from the same-titled video work.

Display of the Video/sound installation: HD-video on big screen – black room with Sound System over Blu-ray, room dimensions variable

U N T A U G L I C H | Performer: bello benischauer


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