EXISTENCE THEATRE LABORATORY operates on the intersection of visual, physical and performative art. Creating from such a place provides us with the chance to reach new people and hear their voices, while keeping an open mind for what may evolve. Our work investigates urgent, contemporary themes and stands for gendermore


EIN SICH STÄNDIG NEU ERFINDEN in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen: der Workshop in der Brunnenpassage diente dazu, das Existence Theatre neu Interessierten zugänglich zu machen.   ZUNGEN SCHREIEN – Ausdruck durch Sprache KÖRPER DÜRFEN – Gefühle durch Bewegung MENSCHEN BEGEGNEN – Freiheit durch Vielfalt Durch improvisiertes Experimentieren kann etwas entstehen, das esmore


As artists we play around with the imagination of some and the interpretation of others. Leaving enough room for contemplation, different images may occur to different persons. With this performance lecture we tried to demonstrate how to create a moment of interaction between people (of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds)more


PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) residency 2015 THE PREVENTION: LOCATING MODERN IDENTITY with a Temporary Ensemble Working on a creative process in the studio and in some of Perth’s public locations, for further development of the Existence Theatre practice during a residency at PICA from 16 February to 8 April 2015 WORK PROCESS |more


ENGLISH below | VIDEOS | EINSICHT | PHOTOS | Hubnut | Performance text for a Temporary Ensemble Eine Auftragsarbeit für das 24. Internationale SZENE BUNTE WÄHNE Theaterfestival für ein junges Publikum   ÜBERLAUF basiert auf einem abstrakten Performancetext in deutscher Sprache von bello benischauer, der ins Englische, Französische und Spanische übersetztmore


The first public screening took place at the Jaffa Room in Perth on 28 Feb 2014 The Changing Role of Women in the LA Profession – initiated and independently funded by Greg Grabasch –  a film by bello benischauer ‘Let’s have an AILA Women in Landscape Architecture Award’? This question was initially posedmore


STÖRUNGEN (Disturbances) by bello benischauer three live performances/interventions in public space at the Swizz Performance Art Festival PERFORM NOW! in Winterthur, Switzerland, 3 to 6 October 2013 with a Performance Lecture at the accompanying Symposium TRANS:SCRIPT – Kunsthalle Winterthur. Artistic idea (original text in German): People tell each other liesmore


Performance Lecture: Existence Theatre by ART IN PROCESS at TRANS:SCRIPT (Symposium, during PERFORM NOW#3 Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland) on 3 October 2013, Kunsthalle Winterthur An introduction about the Existence Theatre method by ART IN PROCESS was given by using a one page summary for an improvised voice work. This was performed simultaneouslymore


ENGLISH below | VIDEOS | LIVE PERFORMANCE | PHOTOS GERMAN sozialkulturelle Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum ein Kollaborationsprojekt mit spacelab – von 10. bis 27. Juni 2013 – in Wien, aspern Seestadt! Live Performance: 27. Juni 2013, 18:00 RÜCKBLICK AM ANFANG STEHT DIE PROJEKTIDEE: wenn in einem gewässer kalte und warme tiefen zusammenkommen wenn dasmore


6:00 min Video ReMix of the Commissioned Artwork SYMPTOMS 2010 by bello benischauer  Courtesy of LIA-Lab Inter Arts, Helmi Vent, University Mozarteum Salzburg  With this commissioned work the artist appears as the personified spirit of the situation. He uses and transforms filmed LIA material and paints and works with it.more


INTERVENTION explores the term of intervention in its artistic meaning and beyond. The project series has resulted in a book of photographs, text and a Blu-Ray Disc with audio-visual installations, exemplifying the artist’s recurrent combination of static and temporal work. Single elements were based on text (aphorism) written by themore


Australian Interstate Tour – IMPACT & FUSION of bello benischauer toured from 2008 to 2011 and had 11734 visitors. Western Australia: Albany May08, Ravensthorpe June/July08, Esperance Aug/Sep08, Denham Sep/Oct08, Mandurah Dec08/Jan09, Katanning Mar09, Moora Mar/Apr09, Geraldton Jul-Sep09, Bunbury Apr/May10 NSW: University of Western Sydney August 2010 – Queensland: Hervey Bay Nov10-Feb11 andmore