Australian Interstate Tour – IMPACT & FUSION of bello benischauer toured from 2008 to 2011 and had 11734 visitors.

Western Australia: Albany May08, Ravensthorpe June/July08, Esperance Aug/Sep08, Denham Sep/Oct08, Mandurah Dec08/Jan09, Katanning Mar09, Moora Mar/Apr09, Geraldton Jul-Sep09, Bunbury Apr/May10

NSW: University of Western Sydney August 2010 – Queensland: Hervey Bay Nov10-Feb11 and Warwick Feb/Mar 2011

The tour was managed by ART ON THE MOVE and curated by elisabeth m eitelberger.

Description of Project Curatorial thesis/exhibition concept wall-objects & audio-visual installations

IMPACT & FUSION presents a dialogue between wall-objects and audio-visual installations questioning the social impact of human beings on nature through mass consumption and globally increasing population. bello benischauer has exhibited regularly since the late 90s, not only in Australia but across Europe and the United States. His projects explore the relationship between Humanity, Technology and the natural environment through a synthesis of various art practices.

This exhibition concept is about his paintings that exist in relation to his digital work/art projects, which are often used in the creating process of his video poetries as well as playing a certain role in the audio-visual installations. The paintings discuss the crossing of the aesthetic border and can be seen as wall-objects too. The artist’s main work focus has been that special dialogue between paintings/wall-objects and audio-visual installations for many years.

Wall-objects seem to shock-freeze certain images from the digital installations into relief-like expressions, recalling cartographical captures of nature strips and urban landscape always in context to the human being – trying to manifest some sort of sustainability. Within a laboratory of monitoring, observation and documentation the viewer experiences contrasts and alikeness of the still and moving images that both present multiple layers of visual material collected in their way to create a collage of floods of information we consume through the media, education, personal experiences,… everyday (moving images lead into a manifestation of stiffness expressed in the paintings).

The artist`s aim is to set a very special view on experiencing this complete alteration in how the world is changing through two different art forms. We have to learn to look at things differently to understand the present before we can work on the future.

Ten years of living in Third World countries result in a deep connection to world-cultures and mankind in general and left important marks on the artist`s work. All the collected memories and pictures he still has in his mind find expression through his work; selective, concise studies are ending up in layers over layers, images over images, a compressed style of storytelling meaning to include the whole world and what`s happening around us every single day; in front of all it is always a comparison or confrontation between Western Society and Third World Countries, always in context to a self-reflection.

In trying to make aware of problems but also possibilities through multiculturalism, globalisation and mass consumption, about the great gap between Third World Countries and Western Society, … he connects traditional art forms with digital medias to create his very own collages as coded messages (in building a direct line between the subconscious of the artist to the subconscious of the audience).

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