Friday, 1. March 2024 at 12:00

we strive to exceed natural human abilities and explore new possibilities of our collective sense of being This performance aims to challenge perceptions and ignite the imagination, leaving viewers with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the nature of our existence in the age of AI. movement, music, visuals,more


Friday, 1. March 2024 at 11:00

Writer/Director: Sashi Tandon Cinematography: Lara Marais Producer/Production Manager: Sienna Zorde Executive producer: Tania Visosevic Art direction: Erin Samways Sound design and recordist: Alex Alderson Editor and Drone pilot: Joshua Zimmermann Music composed by: Syzygy (Nicholas Huston) Costumes by: Out There Fits Visitor by: Beth Wilkinson Sandman by: bello benischauer


Saturday, 4. February 2023 at 20:00

It critically questions a global unfolding of uprooted identification with tradition and ritual and how this shapes today’s people and the individual. This recently written and highly topical piece by Existence Theatre is a philosophical examination about culture and humanity. It depicts how the phenomenon of war uses fear evokingmore