… deals with questions about nature and human beings, showing how the fragments and remains of pre-existing life forms become the starting point of new creation. Where do we come from? How far are we prepared to go? The urge to take control of nature, genetic engineering and searching for an overall answer are the main issues that find expression in this video collage. The work tells its story through the composition of a multitude of scene shots, selected from films and documentations.

SDvideo 19’28 min                                                                                                                        VIDEO STILL manipulated

video/sound installation, developed in relation to Digital Evidence, Fremantle/Western Australia

DVD distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

SDvideo 17’00 min                                                                                                                         VIDEO STILL manipulated

video/sound installation, developed in relation to manipulated, Fremantle/Western Australia

Produced 2006: Motion picture from the beginning stages to the present – a documentation, a diagram; digital evidence of film’s past and present. The digital collage shows scenes, frequencies of films from the beginning of film culture to the present time of the film industry. It contains all genres that have been used and brought into film material. This work shows different scenes of films in one big overview – built up through different layers; it gives a very compressed and intense picture of the subjects that films are made of. What it does is to irritate the viewer’s eye, to confront him with the mass of film material that is already present in our times and has been used in the last couple of decades since the beginning of film. It reflects everything the film industry has used as themes and stories: from idols and gangsters, from the beautiful and the ugly to the serious issues of historic material as a film package, entertaining the public audience in some kind. Today we know the film and cinema as one huge entertainment sector, coming up with hundreds of new movies each year all around the globe. What it does is not only to entertain, but more often, to manipulate the viewer. The film industry portraits reality in black and white, good and evil; clichés, worlds the world dreams of. Film today is Reality TV, documentation, love boat, comedy and series about crime and investigation. It is a full-on program each day that is “spread” onto the streets of western and sub cultural habitats. DVD stores, cinemas and home TV are supplying us with floods of film material that a huge amount of people is consuming every day of their lives. This film collage by bello benischauer is looking into the massive film material available to us these days. It scans through the material and gives an idea about what is broadcasted throughout the world in one day.

His work in digital video and performance was a key to the symposium’s international scope, and proved exemplary as to how a multiplicity of approaches to the new art of performance cinema provides a deeper understanding of many aspects of performance cinema – form, content, political, global, etc. (Henry Warwick, curator SFPCS San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium 2003)

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