Systematische Zwangsverpflichtungen führen zu dynamischen Verhaltensstörungen

The performance series in various public spaces in Austria (Vienna, Linz and Krems) discusses systematically and periodically repeated behaviour patterns that people show on a daily basis.
Some influence our way of living – more or less – while others even cause dysfunctional behaviour.
When we occupy different spaces, cultural structures tend to influence us on different levels, wittingly or unwittingly, and may lead into the developing of unnatural (in a certain situation inexplicable) behaviour patterns over time.
As a result we develop stress and stress related illnesses.
How do we try to fit into society, into our own or the foreign culture? Or how do we try to free ourselves from what is said to be normal, accustumed, socially approved?
People of different cultural and educational background and of different age have been involved in the process of developing this performance series under participative parameters.

1.Verhaltensstörung-Performers: Denise Worschech, Sophia Maihart, Fatih Yalcin, Melanie Hauptmann, Daniela Drüding

2.Verhaltensstörung-Performers: Sabine Wutschek, Franz Sramek

3.Verhaltensstörung-Performer: bello benischauer

4.Verhaltensstörung-Performer: bello benischauer

  • Display of the Video/sound installation: HD-video on four big screens – black room with Sound System over Blu-ray, room dimensions variable

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