This video installation expresses how we belong to land and culture, based on our individual and collective history and the ever-changing image of society. The port is explored as a place of transition, and as a local point of arrival and departure.
The performers enact the connection between people and place and how a sense of identity and belonging arises through their exchange with one another. Through the elements of dance and dramatisation they interpret the continuous development of community and how the use of social and interpersonal skills can positively influence people’s human feelings towards others. NEW ARRIVALS stages how proximity and connection between people are necessary to help create healthy ways of coexistence.
‘Existence Theatre’ is based at the Old Customs House, known for their site-specific responses through rich, poetic and fascinating work that celebrates cultural diversity, tolerance and connectedness.

performed by Emma Benischauer, Bugs Boyd, Shenae Coppola, Mayra Dinelli, Elisabeth Eitelberger, Jonia, Guimaraes, Jack Hagan, Eden McCombe

dedicated to Port Fremantle | EXISTENCE THEATRE by ART IN PROCESS 2022 | video installation by Bello Benischauer


they didn’t arrive by plane

no longer by boat

no longer known as immigrants

no longer have they been converted

or needed to adjust

so that they would not attract attention

they are now integrated into the daily rhythm of life

but still in exile far from humanity

a flood of refugees

who haven’t tried to escape

but have fallen overboard

dying of thirst in the dry sea of ​​the mind

they seek recognition

they want to be present

they forgot where they belong

Forget who they are

never knew where they were going

but always requested, wanted, demanded something

the other side is always better

all of them try to arrive where they can’t go

all of them try to have what they don’t need

born with the guilt of the past

they line up where everything is lined up

to do what everyone does

to have what they believe is their right to possess

to believe in what seems to be the way forward

who is first in line

who is the best in the group

who will make it

they haven’t arrived until they stop traveling

the arrival takes place before departure in themselves.


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