… questioned: What does artistic intervention in public and private mean? What is the attempt for such an intervention? How do we fit – as an individual – into a space? This first approach sought to understand what an art-intervention may be able to cause and investigated how reactions from the general public influenced the intervention itself. Standing exposed in public places, wrapped in a white linen sheet. The actions happened quietly and naturally, inserted themselves into the surrounding area, without rebellion, without provocation. Nevertheless the interventions attracted attention. The performing person felt denounced and uncomfortable, questioned by surrounding people that tried to intrude and interrupt the action.

HDvideo 05’00 min                                                                                                                      VIDEO STILL SALZBURG PART ONE

in collaboration with EDITTA BRAUN COMPANY and SINA MOSER (Austria) supported by a SUBNET Studio Residency, Salzburg/Austria – May

Blu-ray DISC distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

Single video & sound installations are part of the Blu-ray Disc that accompanies the ARTIST BOOK INTERVENTION

INTERVENTION – project series 2009 in HD experimentations with performance and new media art

  • the project series results in an ARTIST BOOK of photographs, text and a Blu-Ray Disc with audio-visual installations
  • KUMASI PART THREE developed at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana August 2009
  • live performance CAN YOU SEE THE SOUND? at the Kumasi Museum of Art August 2009
  • artistic documentation of Kumasi Symposium CURIO KIOSKS PROJECT August 2009
  • audio-visual installation GHANA CHILD adresses cultural differences and barriers
  • ÉVORA PART TWO developed during Media and Performing Arts Festival Portugal July 2009
  • SALZBURG PART ONE developed during residency at subnet media art platform Austria May 2009
  • AIR format and use of experimental technologies discussion in a SUBNET-INTERVIEW May 2009



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