video/sound installation, revisits collected material from the past, especially photographs taken during travel, a comparative work to INSIDE

It is the attempt to philosophise about major problems, to bring something forgotten and unreal into the reality of a present attention…

CONCEPTONE talks about an absolute system that controls our world to make life easier and individuality unnecessary. A computer voice is used to perform the aphoristic text that praises such a world in a sarcastic way but really addresses the problem of losing identity and an overpowering of thoughts through manipulation, which we actually experience on different levels.

CONCEPTONE irritates the viewer through its spoken word, switching from provocative phrases to clearly reflecting the artist’s opinion about this world and the necessity to accept every human being.

Knowing AIP’s general work we experience CONCEPTONE as a socio-political farce that indicates that not only history is full of ideological ideas and concepts; we must be aware of current trends, political concepts and mass consumption that influence and affect us every day.

This work talks about the awareness of wider consequences but not without changing into the positive, when the text ends with the words: The planet and its wonderful mankind isn’t really destroyable. The materialistic world will once be remembered just as a fossil time unit – through the spiritual mindscapes. The human being continues to exist in a light of divine honour.


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