video by Hugh Frazer & bello benischauer

old memories meet new movements

a new sound-dance project of EXISTENCE THEATRE

Dreams can be short but sometimes seem like an eternity. We wake up, glad that everyday life is more relaxed than the past dream. Movement patterns of the dancers serve as, invented, imagined, imitated interpretations, that express own memories. If you look closely at a sequence of a short dream, you are reminded of the importance to consciously experience every moment of life. We want to capture this realisation, pause for a moment, so that time stands still, and we have space to breathe. When we capture this moment of personal space, it is possible for us to see the world, to step into the wonders of being anew.

a split second
a whole dream
decisions made to function
to not disappoint the world
instead continuing to dream
we keep
the short conscious moment in us
for as long as possible
as if another memory
may never come



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