we strive to exceed natural human abilities and explore new possibilities of our collective sense of being This performance aims to challenge perceptions and ignite the imagination, leaving viewers with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the nature of our existence in the age of AI. movement, music, visuals,more


Writer/Director: Sashi Tandon Cinematography: Lara Marais Producer/Production Manager: Sienna Zorde Executive producer: Tania Visosevic Art direction: Erin Samways Sound design and recordist: Alex Alderson Editor and Drone pilot: Joshua Zimmermann Music composed by: Syzygy (Nicholas Huston) Costumes by: Out There Fits Visitor by: Beth Wilkinson Sandman by: bello benischauer


 video by Hugh Frazer & bello benischauer old memories meet new movements a new sound-dance project of EXISTENCE THEATRE Dreams can be short but sometimes seem like an eternity. We wake up, glad that everyday life is more relaxed than the past dream. Movement patterns of the dancers serve as,more