In the workshop I plan to teach, I will focus on the transformative power of theatre, specifically in the context of the EXISTENCE THEATRE. The EXISTENCE THEATRE is a groundbreaking form of artistic expression that combines movement, sound, visuals, and storytelling to transport viewers to new dimensions and evoke intense emotions. It goes beyond traditional theatre boundaries, breaking barriers between performer and spectator and creating a shared experience where everyone becomes an active participant.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the EXISTENCE THEATRE is its ability to tackle important social and political issues. Through thought-provoking performances, it sheds light on topics often ignored or marginalized, challenging the audience’s views and prompting them to reflect on their own beliefs and prejudices. This workshop will explore ways in which theatre can be a powerful tool for social change, giving participants the opportunity to create and perform their own pieces that reflect their personal beliefs and experiences.

Furthermore, the EXISTENCE THEATRE constantly pushes the boundaries of performance art by experimenting with different mediums and techniques. In this workshop, we will delve into innovative approaches to engage the audience and explore unconventional ways of storytelling. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with artists from various disciplines, including dance, music, and visual arts, thus creating a truly multidisciplinary experience.

I also want to highlight the incredible artistry displayed by the performers of the EXISTENCE THEATRE. Their ability to maneuver their bodies, space, and time creates a mesmerizing spectacle that is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of physical theatre, focusing on body awareness, movement techniques, and the creation of compelling and impactful performances.

In conclusion, the EXISTENCE THEATRE workshop I plan to teach will provide participants with a transformative and unforgettable experience. Through exploration and experimentation, they will be exposed to the power of theatre as a means for social change and artistic expression. I am confident that my teaching style, combined with the unique characteristics of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, will empower participants to embrace their creativity and discover their own artistic potential.

The Laboratory at last year’s Strange Festival 2022 had similar structure and content to this workshop.

Bello Benischauer (AU|AT) is an interdisciplinary artist and director of ART IN PROCESS (since 2003) and Existence Theatre (since 2010).

EXISTENCE THEATRE takes up current topics and stands for gender diversity and cultural tolerance as well as against any form of stigmatisation. The performance theatre developed by joined efforts of artists Bello Benischauer and Elisabeth Eitelberger (AU|AT) over the past two decades. Depending on the scope and intensity of the project, they work with different ensembles at home and abroad. Their projects have been described as powerful, confronting, unconventional, poetic and surreal. Productions are based on an existential approach that asks questions about human identity, transculturality, the meaning of life and personal responsibility and lets the audience find their own answers.







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