We are humans holding point in space and time to create and communicate through the language of sound. To give form to the formless and voice to the voiceless in a dialogue and dance of intersecting rhythm and tone. Following the impulses provoked by the human experience we explore the possibilities of being and share those moments of discovery through our performance.


vocal: Vanessa Vance | synthesizer: bello benischauer | instrumental: Jonathan Mustard | percussion: Bohdan Prachař

Dancers: Olivia Perkins & Gala Shevtsov

an experiental performance – written and produced by ART IN PROCESS | Existence Theatre Production 2021

Performance dates: 11. February | Friday, 12. February 2021 – 8:30pm

Venues: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore St, Fremantle, WA, 6160 

“Don’t forget where to hang your clothes because you will get them back! The least pleasant news… cannot be perceived… in the morning fog of desperation… It took a long time… until we all came to our senses… I always thought… I was scared… of the cold night… and the loneliness… that went with it… but it turned out differently than I had thought… The wrong way at the right time… what else may happen?”

interpretations – imagination – skin to skin – decide for yourself – make your choice – engage – become!

For this particular piece we dive into a phenomenological discussion about Deleuze’s writings on ‘becoming’ rather than ‘being’. This would – under thriving conditions – allow, motivate and urge us to grow and take ownership of our actions and reactions. But is our world ever ready for that?
This piece highlights problems that culminate when unconsciously embodied behaviours are habituated over time. The performance encompasses themes of fear, truth, social isolation, and repeating history. We create a process, in which various performers (sound composer, dancers and voice performers) dive into a self-sensing and emotionally moving exploration. Diverse feeling states and physical limitations are brought to the surface by ways of embodied expression. While exloring their diverse cultural identities and ancestry through enacted self-narratives, the performers build a relationship with each other that is grounded in individual uniqueness. The more they interact, the more they ‘become’ in their multi-layered communication with each other.

MEETING THE AUDIENCE: As their self-identities grow from a cathartic sense of belonging during the developmental phase, they will be able to test their own limits and provoke the audience to test theirs. Various languages meet with body rhythm and a mesmerising soundscape that carries the message of suffering souls, who go together on a journey to find the original spark of life. The audience enters a world of simultaneous acts, their viewpoint will be guided by their individual perception of the overall presentation. This again provides room for own interpretations, own imagination and the ability to focus elsewhere, if a presented image may become too strong. The subconscious gets activated to take action, to perceive with awareness, to meet the other very close, or even skin to skin. The audience decides themselves, makes choices, how far they explore and engage within the performative encounter.


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