nakedness – as a symbol and linkage to birth and human identity/alikeness: an artistic outcry to leave the comfort zone of a materialistic society

how would it feel to stand there instead of the artists?

written on their bodies = world population number at

the time of their births on 18.12.1974 (left) / 15.06.1966 (right)

below = live count world population at the time of their performances

the world’s population is extremely fast growing, but its death toll even greater. the gap between the rich and the poor is encasing. still, we want to live a life of comfort and ignore nature’s dynamically speeding up forces that will destroy our planet: not today and not tomorrow, but slowly and steadily, if we continue a life-style based on ignorance and multiple levels of exploitation. what about future’s population? how can we ignore the various environmental changes and the voices of so many individual people and scientists from all kinds of areas that try to avoid the unavoidable? this is not the time to complain about a pessimistic world-view that threatens to spoil our day! this is the time to act upon repression as an individual and confront oneself with the world around us.

A video performance diptych in relation to the NO INTERMISSION and AGAINST ONESELF performance series, exploring a narrative and performative dimension that fosters visual, audio and textual exploration, both in its physical and on-screen aspects. The artists question, which footprints we leave behind and how we individually shape this world at all. With this work they revisit once again one of their themes of interest: aspects of significant culturally formed behaviour patterns. AIP generally engage with a number of issues/behaviours specific to cross-cultures and consumer culture and their impact on nature, the world, and their immediate environments.

Synchronised Video Diptych: SYNCHRONISATION TRIAL | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer

  • Internet version only. Original work presented on two HD Screens, played synchronously, mounted vertically.

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