open_studios2013_photo by christophe canato

Some reflections concerning the Open Studio Day, 10 November 2013

This year we showed some of the video installations that we have recently developed in relation to our EXISTENCE THEATRE method. The individual pieces play with understanding the symbolic meaning of cultural places/objects, how we use language/movement to tell a story and how we individually react to what we experience around us.

Besides some of Bello’s WALL-OBJECTS like the most recent GRAPHIC LANDSCAPES series, and the CANVAS concept, Bello displayed his latest video performance installation DO I BELONG (created in Switzerland this year) in one of the main staircases of the Artsource Building and created a very sensuous presentation of our collaborative work FRÖNEND in the studio space, while setting light, projection, curtains and sound into a well tuned relation to each other.

With further works that were presented on various screens, we gave insight into STÖRUNGEN (one of Bello’s international art commissions this year) and the others showed studio acts we have done in the last year like IT’S FINE NOW and CURTAIN WHISPER.

People’s response was overwhelmingly positive. We were able to have some inspiring conversations; some known and some new faces appeared on the scene; an overall uplifting day in the building.


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