… existence formed by discipline
trying to protect ourselves through the adoption
of different cultural behaviours/movements/teachings
perhaps to get rid of the guilt we feel about living a good life
perhaps to redirect our energy to prepare for disasters
which can be anything we imagine ourselves
based on individual paranoid imaginations
caused by our very own fears and frustrations
which we all develop individually
the everlasting struggle with ourselves against ourselves
to become a better person
to become the person we think we must be
the person, we figure that others would expect from us to be
fight! to get approved by the world
to fulfill expectations that we really create within
this is a fight with the invisible that is always part of us
the evil that we wish to suppress but which is always there
we try to keep it small
only a few people feel the urge to fight it more powerful…

A similar performance series like “No Intermission”, where individual people are invited to participate and form the process that – in this particular case – reflects on how we respond to ourselves from a present day perspective.
 Globalisation as such has influenced our way of thinking, leads to manipulated and transformed behaviour patterns. These patterns, initially formed by specific cultural background, appear now as a cross-cultural mixture of behaviour patterns that are influenced by a multitude of impressions, which has been made possible through the use of Technology (i.e. Media and the Internet / expanded travel opportunities / increased developments of trans-national movement). This multitude of impressions intertwine and melt together with the initially foreign and transform therefore our culturally learned and/or inherited behaviour patterns to a certain extent. This creates new moulded forms of how we respond to our world, how we express/explain ourselves to others and most importantly leads to the basic question of: How do we presently situate ourselves within this world? How do we confront us with our very selves?

In the bigger context of the AGAINST ONESELF series the artist invites diverse people to actually fight against themselves and their reflecting image.


    Display of the Video/sound installation: Original work presented on five 50″ High Definition Plasma TVs, over Blu-ray, mounted vertically



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