REDWOOD – 2011 HDvideo – 5:00 min, performance by bello benischauer supported by ATELIER ART IN PROCESS

Everything I have is what I can give too: the red, most important piece/part of my life, the most precious thing, life as such, the family as ultimate entity or even more, a mystic kind of human treasure. The red piece of self-referred human existence, which in fact is unknown to us all, we still enshrine and do not dare to lose it, cannot live without it and are willing to do everything we can to protect it. It explains the wars – it is reflected in faith – the soul breaks it open – my heart is suffused with it.

Installation view:

the video is presented as installation / digital wall-object in accordance with the real object, oil on wood, 58x17x8cm
The object is placed within a room, displayed on a white plinth – in relation to the video installation, mounted to the wall.
Spotlight focusing on the object: provided from above.
This spotlight and the light provided by the video are the room’s only sources of light – within the otherwise dark, nearly black room situation. The HD video plays in loop with space-filling sound.


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