performed by Emma Benischauer, Bugs Boyd, Shenae Coppola, Mayra Dinelli, Elisabeth Eitelberger, Jonia Guimaraes, Jack Hagan, Eden McCombe


In urban space, people of all ages meet and pass each other in different ways. Here we are, surrounded by movement and stillness at the same time. We can rush along, pause, or pay attention to each other. Above all, we exist, and our personal sense of identity helps shape the culturally diverse landscape of our society.

The arts encourage exploration of the connection between people and places by promoting mental and physical wellbeing. This video installation stages an experiential expression of how we belong to land and culture. It illustrates how physical proximity can be used through the medium of movement/dance to explore the much needed qualities of holding, support and connection.

‘Existence Theatre’ ensemble created a video installation about the importance of community and how the use of social and interpersonal skills can positively influence people’s human feelings towards others. Based at the Old Customs House, the Fremantle collective are known for their rich, poetic and intriguing work that celebrates cultural diversity, tolerance and environmental sustainability.

dedicated to Street Gallery Project Fremantle, video installation by Bello Benischauer


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