The INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS are summarised under the following categories: PARTICIPATIVEINTERNATIONAL and MULTILINGUAL. While all the projects focus strongly on the use of diverse languages and the collaborative aspect of inviting other artists into the work process, they can be associated with one of the categories in particular. Was PROJECT X still a solely developed project by ART IN PROCESS, EMOTIONAL SEASONS and INTERVENTION already rely upon the participation of other people. The process of the work and its multi facets has become more important than the outcome. The performative character of the work and its temporality form the project, whereas in PROJECT X performances in various spaces were initially still planned in advance, and filmed to serve within the actual video/sound installation, but their significance was only revealed within the final and conclusive work. Projects like EXILE, SUEX and ASAGAO used multiple languages to build a strong sound component and to transmit a certain message to the viewer. All these projects are summarised under this chapter and were developed within mayor work series over one year periods.


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