Four different women characters question their boundaries, socially, mentally, physically and from a refugee’s/foreigners point of view. They talk about how to hide or run away from something and how this affects them personally when dealing with their lives and the boundaries that they have built around them to survive, they want to break through or keep in place what they have acquired so far to a certain degree.

durational performance of 120 min – four performers

This performance addresses the meanings of trespassing, emotional levels and nuances of entry, access and privacy – involving spoken word/physical movement/sound/projection – in the style of our ‘Existence Theatre’
written, directed, video & live sound composition: bello benischauer
dramaturgy & development: elisabeth m eitelberger
ensemble: Helah Milroy, Nathalie Boukpeti, Daniela O’Mara, Alisha Versteegen

ABOUT: Based on the latest written script by Bello Benischauer and in the style of his ‘Existence Theatre’ (on the fringes of Contemporary Theatre and Performance Art) this performance addresses the meanings of trespassing, emotional levels and nuances of entry, access and privacy. This piece is about human rights, individual needs, why and how to intrude into someone else’s life. It is about distance and affection. It is about women’s image and how to cope in a world that seems overwhelming at times. It is slow, it is fast, it is quite and it is loud. It is intense, it is confronting. Four women characters step into an immediate proximity with their audience and test their physical and emotional limits while occupying a space with all their might.

This ‘durational performance’ will strain the performers ability to keep moving, keep expressing words and phrases while creating an intimate relation with their audience and the space/location that surrounds them. The first stages of development will take place during the next few months at our studio at Fremantle Arts Centre with performances coming up early 2019 at the Artsource Gallery Space, Old Custom’s House Fremantle.

Thematically we react to the actuality of topics surrounding the perils of ‘social isolation’, its causes and issues that are buried under the surface of a contemporary and culturally diverse society and how it affects people differently. Methodologically we work towards creating an immediate proximity with our audiences by especially addressing all their senses and particularly through physical touch in creating immersive performances.

Bello Benischauer and Elisabeth M Eitelberger (WA/Austria) are an artist duo working in a form they describe as ‘EXISTENCE THEATRE’. For the past two decades they utilise video, sound composition, performance and creative writing to reflect upon particular social and political issues and the individuals dealing with them. With projects internationally they have formed a strong interest in how to comment on transcultural lifestyle and cultural specifics. Existence Theatre productions are realised at the interface of performance art and language(s), sound & video while working with temporary ensembles in different countries and environments.