Four different women characters question their boundaries, socially, mentally, physically and from a refugee’s/foreigners point of view. They talk about how to hide or run away from something and how this affects them personally when dealing with their lives and the boundaries that they have built around them to survive, they want to break through or keep in place what they have acquired so far to a certain degree.

emotional levels and nuances of entry, access and privacy – involving spoken word/physical movement/sound/projection

new work developed for and during an AIR and exhibition at Spectrum Project Space, ECU (Edith Cowan University, Perth/Western Australia) presented during Fringe World 2019

*EXHIBITION of video/sound installations from 01. to 22. February (free entry during regular gallery hours – Tues to Fri, 10:00am to 5:00pm and Sat 12:00pm to 5:00pm)

*PERFORMANCES showing on 01./02./08./09./15. and 16. February, each starting 8pm (70 min – no interval). Audience members are invited to meet cast and crew to exchange experiences about the work after the show. Buy tickets for Performances here


Don’t miss to experience this exceptional form of theatre making that crashes boundaries and common forms of storytelling. Step into the world of four women. They speak, move and test out their limits of distance and affection by occupying a space with all their might, different yet so alike.

Based on their latest written piece the internationally represented group of Existence Theatre (WA/AT) addresses socio-political meanings of trespassing, levels and nuances of entry, access and privacy. They critically respond to gender issues, body image and how to cope in a world of make-believe. Close, intense, confronting, slow, fast, quite, loud, immersive and triggering emotions. Performers create an intimate relation with their audience. You definitely take your personal close-up story home.

TRESPASSING is based on four different female characters, who speak in their text lines about the complexity of gender linked to identity, social interaction, power and oppression; about the interaction of gender with other things like race, class, culture, religion, sexuality and consumerism. In monologues, as separated beings, they give insight into their contradicting but daily routines. While one indulges in a compulsive desire to shop, another tries to build all her image around her higher education. And whereas one suffers from being born into a wealthy milieu, another crosses borders fleeing her country to simply survive.

Known for creating immersive and multi-sensory experiences, the artists will again take their audience on an intimate journey to celebrate the transcultural qualities inherent in Contemporary Society by breaking down the forth wall. A performance that get’s under your skin!


written, directed, video & sound composition: bello benischauer (WA/AT)

dramaturgy & development: elisabeth m eitelberger (WA/AT)

temporary ensemble: Helah Milroy (WA), Nathalie Boukpeti (WA/FR), Daniela O’Mara (WA/SK) and Alisha Versteegen (WA)

For the past two decades Bello and Elisabeth utilise video, sound composition, performance and performance writing to reflect upon particular socio-political issues and the individuals dealing with them. They create individual ensembles depending on the work. With projects around the world they have formed a strong interest in how to comment on transcultural lifestyle and cultural specifics. They have created work spanning from video poetry, video/sound installations, interventions in public space, performance lectures to critical theatre productions with a strong socio-political message.

Undeniably influenced by developments and currents of European Postdramatic Theatre and Performance Art, they have a unique way in how to approach themes and audiences, addressing them by raising questions, inviting them to find their own individual access rather than attempting to provide answers with the presented work.

This work was supported by the Fremantle Arts Centre Artists in Residence program.