Mars has been explored and prepared enough to send test females to breed a new generation that will preserve humankind. How will they occupy this new world? How will human suffering be explored, extended, overcome? Mating patterns still exist, even if they have become irrelevant because of genetic fertilisation. They transform into awkward behaviour patterns, expressed through movements that remind of earlier times while developing into a strange encounter between bodies that still simulate the human urge for touch and recognition. Once again Existence Theatre looks into extremely timely matters by speaking up about social isolation, gender/cultural concerned power and oppression, environmental destruction and how human existence is influenced by all these complex structures that shape our existence and the guilt that we carry with us. Is it impossible to break the cycle of human failure? We write the year 2242. Do we posess a future only because we missed to look after the present?

Humanity managed to destroy the earth once and for all, natural disasters helped to wipe out the rest. There is hardly a space left to continue life as we used to know it.