in collaboration with GRAHAM BRADDY, AVI HARPAZ, TIM McCABE (Australia) and SORA TAKAYAMA (Japan)

English-06’40 min, Hebrew-06’40 min, Japanese-06’40 min, and Noongar-05’30 min

Blu-ray distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

four-wall installation, black walls: video cube

The four videos have different length and are brought together by chance as they loop. This creates an everchanging situation.

“Through the use of language SUEX relies upon definitive nature of communication structures to establish authorship and perspective whilst comparatively reducing the literalness of visual connotation. A more elaborate system of creating relationships with elements extends the idea into areas of thought which language (itself) is unable to penetrate. Four interconnected screens, four distinct languages, sound and image. Built upon a semantic contradiction, there is a reduction and an amplification occurring simultaneously with the work – it notes a considered development of this artists ongoing interrogation of temporal situations in art.” Dr Peter Mudie, 2008, University of Western Australia


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