in collaboration with SlowForward (Austria) ART IN PROCESS produced a video/sound installation in Sydney, which was used as a backdrop projection for a live performance by SlowForward at the Art in the Park Festival,Vienna

This is not the place to go for a swim (metaphorically spoken)! From our studio at Artspace we can see the Navy base along the harbour. Everyday we hear the order announcements for the Navy soldiers. There are wooden benches along the Wharf for sitting in the sun, but in front of you are the Navy boots… In OffSeason a faceless human being lies on such a bench and can’t breath (under his skin). We are often confronted with things we don’t like. Political and social systems work well through the weakness of those, who do not say anything, who accept everything faceless. But there are always people, who stand up for their rights and opinion. Sometimes we feel displaced. Which feelings does this cause? Various conflicts with the outside world trigger inner restlessness and dissatisfaction. Where is our place in society? Which masks do we use or try to get rid of? Can’t we face ourselves? If we think that nobody seems to understand us, this often means, that we don’t know ourselves. We try to find ourselves, don’t want to be disorientated, would like to be clear about ourselves. In our fast moving world this seems rather difficult. You forget who you actually are. How long do I accept things the way they are and when do I start to revolt against them?


    – project series 2010 in HD experimentations with performance and new media art

  • Material for Christmas derives from performances in Australia, Austria, Ghana and India – December 2009
  • Video/sound material for The Cloned City was collected through onsite explorations in New Dubai – March 2010
  • Not quite kosher in Vienna results in an EndPresentation, an ArtFestival Live Performance and Interview – March to May 2010
  • At Artspace in Sydney develops Fool’s Gold during a studio residency – July to August 2010
  • In collaboration with SlowForward develops OffSeason for the Montmartre Art in the Park Festival Vienna – September 2010
  • Internal Room sets again performances by international artists in relation to each other – August to October 2010

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