This interview with Bello about the work by ART IN PROCESS was recorded by BlinkLicht Media Lab Vienna as part of their international collaboration project IMPORT&EXPORT during the Vienna Festwochen in May 2010. The interview includes scene-shots from the project Not quite kosher in Vienna that resulted in an EndPresentation and a Liveperformance at IMPORT&EXPORT.

NOT QUITE KOSHER was developed in Vienna from March to May 2010. Initially we experimented with performances in public and private, based on an abstract play we wrote, which resulted in the production of a video & sound installation. This installation work was then presented in relation to a Liveperformance to a greater audience on stage as the end-presentation of the whole project. Further we were invited to perform this piece again at the international collaboration project IMPORT&EXPORT in the Vienna’s City Hall Grounds during the Vienna Festwochen. We saw this as an opportunity to bring this play back into the public space, where it initially had been developed. The play metaphorically explores issues about cultural differences, in- and exclusion felt around particular places and the various forms of social fears we face in society.



    – project series 2010 in HD experimentations with performance and new media art

  • Material for Christmas derives from performances in Australia, Austria, Ghana and India – December 2009
  • Video/sound material for The Cloned City was collected through onsite explorations in New Dubai – March 2010
  • Not quite kosher in Vienna results in an EndPresentation, an ArtFestival Live Performance and Interview – March to May 2010
  • At Artspace in Sydney develops Fool’s Gold during a studio residency – July to August 2010
  • In collaboration with SlowForward develops OffSeason for the Montmartre Art in the Park Festival Vienna – September 2010
  • Internal Room sets again performances by international artists in relation to each other – August to October 2010

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