we strive to exceed natural human abilities and explore new possibilities of our collective sense of being This performance aims to challenge perceptions and ignite the imagination, leaving viewers with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the nature of our existence in the age of AI. movement, music, visuals,more


 VIDEO | PHOTOS workshop – KÖRPERALITÄT: VERKÖRPERTER AUSDRUCK | CORPOREALITY: EMBODIED EXPRESSION In the workshop I plan to teach, I will focus on the transformative power of theatre, specifically in the context of the EXISTENCE THEATRE. The EXISTENCE THEATRE is a groundbreaking form of artistic expression that combines movement, sound, visuals, and storytellingmore


The EXISTENCE THEATRE has the power to transport viewers to new dimensions and evokes intense emotions through its unique blend of movement, sound, visuals, and storytelling. It breaks the traditional barriers between performer and spectator, creating a shared experience where everyone becomes an active participant. One of the most remarkablemore


 video by Hugh Frazer & bello benischauer old memories meet new movements a new sound-dance project of EXISTENCE THEATRE Dreams can be short but sometimes seem like an eternity. We wake up, glad that everyday life is more relaxed than the past dream. Movement patterns of the dancers serve as,more


It critically questions a global unfolding of uprooted identification with tradition and ritual and how this shapes today’s people and the individual. This recently written and highly topical piece by Existence Theatre is a philosophical examination about culture and humanity. It depicts how the phenomenon of war uses fear evokingmore


ABOUT This video installation expresses how we belong to land and culture, based on our individual and collective history and the ever-changing image of society. The port is explored as a place of transition, and as a local point of arrival and departure. The performers enact the connection between peoplemore


 performed by Emma Benischauer, Bugs Boyd, Shenae Coppola, Mayra Dinelli, Elisabeth Eitelberger, Jonia Guimaraes, Jack Hagan, Eden McCombe ABOUT In urban space, people of all ages meet and pass each other in different ways. Here we are, surrounded by movement and stillness at the same time. We can rushmore


EXISTENCE THEATRE LABORATORY operates on the intersection of visual, physical and performative art. Creating from such a place provides us with the chance to reach new people and hear their voices, while keeping an open mind for what may evolve. Our work investigates urgent, contemporary themes and stands for gendermore


 AUFBRUCHSGEISTER (DEPARTING MINDS) – experimental performance | Sound | Movement | Dramatic Enactment Performances: Friday, 14. Jan | Saturday, 15. Jan | Friday,  21. Jan | Saturday, 22. Jan – 8:30pm Venue: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore St, Fremantle, WA, 6160   | Bar and doors open from 7:30pm | duration: approx. 60 minmore

Z6QCQ6 Code of Rituals

a story about rituals and connectedness – written, directed, video and sound by bello benischauer ABOUT THE PIECE: The king has died. The law demands that Troja the queen needs to be sacrificed to the gods. Movement, dance, dramatic enactment, video and sound, poignant and engaging. A timeley reflection on how peoplemore


CONSTRUCTIONS OF THE WESTERN WORLD DEPOSITED BY CAPITALISM We are humans holding point in space and time to create and communicate through the language of sound. To give form to the formless and voice to the voiceless in a dialogue and dance of intersecting rhythm and tone. Following the impulsesmore


a postmodern fairytale about destiny – written, directed, video and sound by bello benischauer ABOUT THE PIECE Harness your imagination! Fear meets truth, and social isolation confronts you with the darker side of mythical creatures. Don’t be fooled by what you see, as something else lurks behind you already. And whatmore


Power | Guilt | Sacrifice | Isolation | Preserve Humankind: Are YOU a chosen one? This video gives insight into LONELY MARS, a strongly physical and emotionally energetic performance that engaged with audiences on various levels. While reconnecting to images of mothers of heroes and fallen troops, collective emotions andmore


Label. Stigma. Separation. Family Secrets. Hurt: The past cannot be denied. This video gives insight into STORMWATER, a contemporary play about gender equality, diversity and cultural tolerance. Two people in love, brother and sister, face the accusation of incest within their own family. A whole new world of societal boundariesmore


Fears and anxieties are according to research and media reports on the increase in our society, and the discussion of “where does emotional/verbal/physical abuse really start” reaches new hights. It leaves us with a lot of questions of how to actually deal with other people sensibly enough. The piece exploresmore


Based on four different female characters, who speak in their text lines about the complexity of gender linked to identity, social interaction, power and oppression; about the interaction of gender with other things like race, class, culture, religion, sexuality and consumerism. In monologues, as separated beings, they give insight intomore


Returning to WA after successful productions overseas the EXISTENCE THEATRE (AUS/AT) invites you to immerse yourself in emotionally guided situations that comment on the many secrets that we hold on to. In this not to be missed performance boundaries between performers and audience collapse. Three characters touch on issues concerningmore


  The genre of the hotel occurs in many theatre plays, novels and films. With the Existence Theatre we approach this topic performatively and interact with our audience by trying to reach different levels of perception. We simulate situations in a hotel, a location, where we meet other individuals/strangers andmore


Performative play in five scenes for seven performers: autumn in 2242. Everything that exists is already history and there are visions of a morning, which is somehow already there, individually but differently, because everyone has his own ideas about tomorrow. Transcultural entity connects the many worlds of view and life stylesmore


  household space, also relating to one’s own or a particular country apart from other countries, indigenous to or produced or made within one’s own country; not foreign; native, no longer wild; also as a pattern of behaviour, which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic settingmore


english: REVIVING THE IMAGINATION Do we really connect with our inner selves, others and our surroundings and to which extent? At which point get self-critical explorations just an ordinary habit and is the everyday judgemental behaviour of others our entertainment and diversion, so that we must not take a closermore


PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) residency 2015 THE PREVENTION: LOCATING MODERN IDENTITY with a Temporary Ensemble Working on a creative process in the studio and in some of Perth’s public locations, for further development of the Existence Theatre practice during a residency at PICA from 16 February to 8 April 2015 WORK PROCESS |more


  The documentation in video and photography shows an insight into the live performance in public space, a collaboration between Delaney Harper (USA) and bello benischauer (AUS/A) in Fremantle, Australia, imitating signs and objects when exploring how we people tend to fit into urban environments, their structures and landscapes aroundmore


ENGLISH below | VIDEOS | EINSICHT | PHOTOS | Hubnut | Performance text for a Temporary Ensemble Eine Auftragsarbeit für das 24. Internationale SZENE BUNTE WÄHNE Theaterfestival für ein junges Publikum   ÜBERLAUF basiert auf einem abstrakten Performancetext in deutscher Sprache von bello benischauer, der ins Englische, Französische und Spanische übersetztmore


Text by bello benischauer & Performance by elisabeth m eitelberger .. From the start to the finish picturing my life…To grow and rise… And breathe in the air of passion… In my hand an abstract expression of communication… I have to recharge my phone… Only you, the flower and the tree…more


Performance by Elias Franz Benischauer Time isn’t really a matter of reality. What we believe in, feels real as well. This way we always create our own truth. If we are not quite sure, what to believe in, then we cannot connect with a higher deity. It wasn’t me, it wasn’tmore


nakedness – as a symbol and linkage to birth and human identity/alikeness: an artistic outcry to leave the comfort zone of a materialistic society how would it feel to stand there instead of the artists? written on their bodies = world population number at the time of their births on 18.12.1974more


An old factory, resembling a spaceship in the galaxy, discovered by two different people, who face up to live in it or to reactivate it: A woman tries to move into the space, while a man, a previous workman of the factory comes back again and again to his oldmore


STÖRUNGEN (Disturbances) by bello benischauer three live performances/interventions in public space at the Swizz Performance Art Festival PERFORM NOW! in Winterthur, Switzerland, 3 to 6 October 2013 with a Performance Lecture at the accompanying Symposium TRANS:SCRIPT – Kunsthalle Winterthur. Artistic idea (original text in German): People tell each other liesmore


… addresses cultural patterns and behaviour systems in history and cross-culture symbolisation of certain items in context to the human being how certain items receive iconographical relevance tend to influence our visual perception why do we see things the way we recognise them considering particular cultural traditions   The singlemore


Synchronised Video Triptych: FRÖNEND | Performers: elisabeth m eitelberger and bello benischauer … our doubts… are like a gate… that we have to walk through… every single day… If we breath calmly and connect with space… emotionally, we can manage to keep our wariness at bay… dreams are men’s elixir of life…more


the human creature … tries to take first place … no matter what … without any compromise … we even accept tremendous efforts … to reach success, prosperity and prestige …  and if for any reason … a tiny piece is missing … we panic … Haunted – video acts question how we can actively position usmore


  What happens, when we can’t define and modify our immediate living environment? When we get dependent on the decision-making of others? When we leave our comfort zone to face paternalism, prejudice and/or degradation? This work, consisting of six separate video parts, plays with the viewer’s own imagination and individualmore


to provide hope for this world to find peace to prove to oneself that it’s never too late to raise your concern about global issues the belief that religions, races and peacemaking powers will finally unite, does exist a rogation to Jesus, a conversation with Allah, a connection to Krishnamore


Subsequently created to SYNCHRONISATION TRIAL and as a linkage to A PEACEFUL MIND (from the NO INTERMISSION series) and LAST WOOD (from the UNCONSCIOUSNESS series) the artists continue to address – in this video diptych – how our individually created footprints alter our environment, socially as well as environmentally. They show ironically and on a metaphorical level, howmore


The video performances made in this context are based on the following concept: Bello’s initial idea: a woman taking different books out of a box, quoting passages, and putting them back in the box. Looking for material, Bello went to the Fremantle Library. He explained there briefly his idea and our generalmore


… existence formed by discipline trying to protect ourselves through the adoption of different cultural behaviours/movements/teachings perhaps to get rid of the guilt we feel about living a good life perhaps to redirect our energy to prepare for disasters which can be anything we imagine ourselves based on individual paranoidmore


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action. Whatmore


art performances behind a transparent curtain An enclosed room with a view, a separate space  – and two human beings. No window but a transparent curtain connects or disconnects/separates them from the actual viewer. The two individuals simulate daily routines of the outside world. While they are excluded from the realmore


a video installation: under the German title Untauglich, which means ineligible for military service, the artist looks into transnationally existing forms of social and/or political constraints. He addresses certain aspects of how we act and fit/do not fit into the generally expected behaviour patterns of a human life that one findsmore


  … continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action.more


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action. Whatmore


The Existence Theatre, which transforms/sets specific aspects of the improvised performance style of the Commedia dell’ arte into a present day perspective, recalls in this particular act (like AIP has done before in previous performances) the usage of the bauta*. The originally separate face-covering object/mask in white has blended nowmore


… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term and performance style, created by AIP that questions certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities. What do we really know: about the world, about others, about ourselves? This performance piece talks about how we miss out to live andmore


nach dem gleichnamigen Stück von bello benischauer in 2 Akten und 4 Szenen und in der Überarbeitung von elisabeth m eitelberger INHALT Das Stück bespricht heutige Stereotypen, wiederholt Gesagtes aus dem Alltag und spiegelt gegensätzliche und ungereimte Einstellungen wider. Der Pragmatisierte, der auch der Traumatisierte heißen könnte, stilisiert festgefahrene Lebensumstände,more


performed improvisation by elisabeth m eitelberger & bello benischauer component of UNCONSCIOUSNESS project series 2011 Groteske, überspitzte Alltagssituationen in einzelnen Szenen, die scheints alltägliche Begebenheiten besprechen. Es gibt keine durchgehende Handlung, aber durchaus Zusammenhänge und Verknüpfungen. Die Szenen wurden aus dem Stegreif improvisiert. Man traf sich zu einzelnen Szenen, diemore


UNCONSCIOUSNESS_EXPERIMENTS project series 2011 –  based on multiple performance components: surveying culturally different but also alike actions and reactions of societal behaviour patterns in front of the camera The project series 2011 is based on multiple components of improvised and live performances. How do we fit into a society, into amore


Born to be a still life is a project series in the bigger context of discovering different environments and their influence on the human being, and the aim to “paint” with video. The investigated object is the human being: our body, mimic, gestures; how it feels in the space andmore