… continues in the style of the EXISTENCE THEATRE, a term growing from a specific style of art performances, created by AIP that question certain aspects and daily banalities of human identity/identities in a globalised world, while depending on a strong experimental character and by using methods of improvisation/action. What do we really know: about the world, about others, about ourselves?

Individual performance acts are currently produced in the AIP studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. In a multilingual and cross-cultural context selected people are invited to participate in the process of developing the Existence Theatre method further, which was started to form in late 2011.

LEDIG – a video act about how we individually and continually have separated ourselves from nature and the natural world per se. It shows but the struggle we have about finding new orientation points in trying to handle problematic situations that concern our psyche. We seemingly manage a life justified by materialism, consumption and fast food but really lack the ability to connect to ourselves, others and nature on a deeper level. Recent trends i.e. in terms of spiritual rites, relaxation therapies and the like about finding our inner self show that individual people do have problems in connecting with something bigger than being absorbed in collecting and consuming.

In this work the artist questions, which footprints we really leave behind and how we individually shape this world at all. The artist revisits cultural aspects of significant behaviour patterns that are woven into this performance act once again.

LEDIG wall-object seems to shock-freeze a certain image, a movement/expression from the same-titled video installation LEDIG that looks into the alienation of human existence within nature and the world. The wall-object shows the fading footprint that we individually leave behind.

L E D I G  | Performer: bello benischauer


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