cross-border and beyond bello benischauer and ART IN PROCESS until 2011 chronological work review & philosophical reflections chronologische werkübersicht & philosophische betrachtungen by elisabeth m eitelberger


ABOUT LIMITED EDITIONS ART IN PROCESS is represented by Contemporary Arts Media (Melbourne/London), who is one of the leading consultants and suppliers of books and films for Arts Education. We have distributed numerous DVDs, books and Blu-ray Discs in limited editions since 2000. While the format of DVD still suitsmore


VideoWorks is an introduction into the major works created by Bello Benischauer and ART IN PROCESS (AIP) until 2011. The work that reached international acclaim over the years, discusses socio-cultural issues on various levels. Whilst developing on the relationship between installation, video, performance and live art. It demonstrates a strong experimental character throughmore


The photographs and audio-visual work were created to illustrate a story: of looking at things, looking at situations, looking into people’s faces. The work created in this particular context turned the word intervention into a poetic experience and took the notion from a place of fear and resistance to onemore


… looked further, examining interventions that happen between people/bodies; how we interact, intervene, interfere and how we individually grow into what we finally are: individual beings, formed by culture, society, language. Explorations in the use of movement, dance and rhythm: dancers created situations together in a public space and in privatemore


SUSTAINABILITY & EXTINCTION – audio-visual installation in four parts The project reflects on urgent matters concerning our lifestyle, throwaway society and cultura intolerance/ignorance. It discusses in which directions the world will possibly develop, which relationships/communities are about to be created in context to different perceptions of environmental sustainability and climate change.more


not quite kosher | SixPack | ASAGSO | DIGITAL COMPOSITION | manipulated | PROJECT X | DIGITAL TRILOGY | Maybe It!s Only… Imagine! All distributed work available from Contemporary Arts Media – leading consultant for Arts Education AUS/UK EMOTIONAL SEASONS – not quite kosher © 2010 An abstract play by elisabeth m eitelbergermore