the human creature … tries to take first place … no matter what … without any compromise … we even accept tremendous efforts … to reach success, prosperity and prestige …  and if for any reason … a tiny piece is missing … we panic …

Haunted – video acts question how we can actively position us in this world but how much we are actually driven by materialism. One video shows the artist, exploring how to move different body parts, absorbed by means of existence of the human form. The other video engages the viewer in presenting him with a man in a black suit and carrying a suitcase, absorbed by protecting it with his life. In this performance act the artist again uses red lipstick and white face paint to symbolise his recurrent exploration of the many powers of materialism over Western Society.


Synchronised Video Diptych: HAUNTED | Voice over: elisabeth m eitelberger | Performer: bello benischauer

The artist used all the media he found necessary to reflect on the theme and to show what he felt during the process of exploring this emotionally contrived situation. The outcome shows a free improvisation to sound within the video acts. A drawing and a creative text formed the basis of this work. The text, performed as a voice work, has been incorporated within the video.

The video acts relate to the HAUNTED-OBJECT that – in relation to the video diptych – reflects in an exaggerated way on which efforts we employ, just to succeed.

  • This video still from the video is an Internet version only. Original work presented as single video performances next to each other, played synchronously, on two 50″ (127cm) High Definition Plasma TVs.

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