This wall-object shows a man, carrying a suitcase (symbolising materialism) and his alter ego, on his way to the winner’s podium to take first place. In relation to the video diptych HAUNTED it reflects in an exaggerated way on which efforts we employ, just to succeed. Or at least, what we mean by leading a successful life. It questions how we can actively position us in this world but how much we are actually driven by materialism.


HAUNTED-OBJECT  – Oil on Hardboard + Mixed Media WALL-OBJECT, 120x90cm, private collection

Haunted-drawingthe human creature tries to take first place no matter what… without any compromise we even accept tremendous efforts… to reach success, prosperity and prestige for us it seems this is more important than anything else… and even more significant than other life’s true qualities… we possess an obtrusive attempt to accumulate things… this overshadows the world severely… and if for any reason a tiny piece is missing… we panic

A drawing and creative text form the basis for this multidisciplinary work, combining video diptych, performed voice work and wall-object.


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