Text by bello benischauer & Performance by elisabeth m eitelberger

.. From the start to the finish picturing my life…To grow and rise… And breathe in the air of passion… In my hand an abstract expression of communication… I have to recharge my phone… Only you, the flower and the tree… Two million sold… There has never been a tree… Surviving the storm… Our extended skin moisturised with understanding… Check-out time: ten o’clock…

Bello dictated me a text for this piece, developed while speaking, resulting in a spontaneously driven narrative. I have then slightly edited and later performed it three times in a row. In trying to extend this spontaneous act of artistic inspiration (conducted through the performance of writing down the dictated text), I then aimed for continuing the buildup of such a flowing energy to reach the viewer on a deeper level of his own consciousness.

It is composed of separate phrases and tells an abstract story from a present day perspective that contains so much more in-between the lines (and makes it possible for us to refer this way again to the significance of acquired experiences, indeed individually different and based on particular factors, depending on culture/society/education/…). As a work under the Existence Theatre’s narrative category, it is a piece for one female performer.

Contemporary issues of a Western society are spoken of: the effects of stress-related issues concerning the daily use of mobile devices, feeling trapped by the urge to constantly perform maintenances of some kind to keep and hold on to our possessions, particular routines that we have to perform on a daily basis – in this case, especially addressing how women try to meet general expectations – only interrupted by sensational reports, told of in-between while struggling with our human identity, but really searching for certain means of our existence, to fill it with significance. During all the different attempts to perform well (depending on and influenced by our social and cultural surroundings) the woman’s story talks about her journey through daily life, her fears and inner conflicts by finding and not to lose herself again.

  • Display of the Video/sound installation: HD-video on big screen – black room with Sound System over Blu-ray, room dimensions variable

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