The Existence Theatre, which transforms/sets specific aspects of the improvised performance style of the Commedia dell’ arte into a present day perspective, recalls in this particular act (like AIP has done before in previous performances) the usage of the bauta*.

The originally separate face-covering object/mask in white has blended now with the human face, which leaves the face white itself.

INTROSPECTION – 2011 HDvideo – 22:00 min, performance by bello benischauer supported by ATELIER ART IN PROCESS

Fear and resistance – human struggle with the many faces of a self-identification – recognisable/hidden facets of different levels of consciousness: the mask has melted into flesh and bone. The society mask has become an integral part of our human body. The aspect of daily anonymity, which we force it to be i.e. by the use of technology and a western lifestyle, has transformed our looks, our face and its ability to express ourselves through mimic and voice, leaving us in a seemingly stagnated, bland state of existence.

*bauta – name of a certain kind of venetian mask (white, covering the whole face, was used by men and women alike in daily life as standardised society mask in connection with political decision-making events in the 18th Century, time of the Commedia dell’ arte – only to be used by Venetian citizens)


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