video/sound installation, in relation to Intervention PART 3 during The Kumasi Symposium, Ghana, 2009

In Kumasi, I wanted to visit a private house and made contact with a man, who invited me in. His young child was sitting on the floor, eating his lunch out of a bowl. It did not recognise me and was completely absorbed by its action, but started to look to the camera, which I placed in its direction. I lifted some hanging sheets to be able to properly say hello to the child. But when I did that, it immediately started to scream but quickly went back to eat, calmly and focused on taking food out of its bowl. Maybe this child hadn’t seen a white man before or simply wasn’t used to white-skinned people around the family home. My trip to Ghana brought back many of my travel-memories and reminded me again of the shocking reality that so many people on this planet do not live under Western World conditions. This time around, I found it hard to witness. I.e. no running water or a continuous power supply are so basic things for us. We just take them for granted.

This installation-piece should remind us that there are so many people in this world, who suffer in need of the basics. Whereas we have already forgotten about them, under a mountain of consumed goods that we collect, cumulate and waste. But WE are simply not the centre of this world!

INTERVENTION – project series 2009 in HD experimentations with performance and new media art
  • the project series results in an ARTIST BOOK of photographs, text and a Blu-Ray Disc with audio-visual installations
  • KUMASI PART THREE developed at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana August 2009
  • live performance CAN YOU SEE THE SOUND? at the Kumasi Museum of Art August 2009
  • artistic documentation of Kumasi Symposium CURIO KIOSKS PROJECT August 2009
  • audio-visual installation GHANA CHILD adresses cultural differences and barriers
  • ÉVORA PART TWO developed during Media and Performing Arts Festival Portugal July 2009
  • SALZBURG PART ONE developed during residency at subnet media art platform Austria May 2009
  • AIP format and use of experimental technologies discussion in a SUBNET-INTERVIEW May 2009

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